Just a place for me to lay out suggestions, plans or things I'm thinking of doing for the wiki. Will most likely keep updating this.


Check pages to see if it has good grammar, spellings and correct info.

  • Point is, it'll be easier to read.

Make templates

  • Will use templates from other big wiki as reference.
    • Made a more detailed and organized character infobox template; currently being used now.
    • [WIP] Make a more organized location infobox template


Make the main page available to edit by admins only

  • It is the most important part of the wiki, so I think only admins should be able to edit it to avoid vandalism.

Customize wiki theme

  • Look for images that better suit the BG since in the current one, only Alice is visible while Iruma is only partially visible and Clara is completely hidden. If no such image is found, then making one might be good.
    • Customize color theme

Have admins' usernames in different colors

  • This is to emphasize they are the admins in the wiki and it'll be easier for other users to know
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