Volume 10 is the tenth manga of the Mairimashita! Iruma-kun series. It contains Chapters 80-88, and features the protagonist, Iruma Suzuki.

Publisher's Summary

The three demon beasts summoned by the vicious devil group "Six Fingers", Iruma and the others who never step back!!


  • Chapter 80 - Which Side Is The Strongest?
  • Chapter 81 - The Invincible Maiden
  • Chapter 82 - Fighting Duo
  • Chapter 83 - Indestructible Spear
  • Chapter 84 - The Gargoyle Bears His Fangs
  • Chapter 85 - Last Trick
  • Chapter 86 - My Ambition
  • Chapter 87 - Destined Enemy
  • Chapter 88 - With A Sparkle

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 80

At the Walter Park Emergency Shelter, Elizabetta tries to amuse the little children as Kerori overhears everyone talking about the situation, and she starts to feel like everyone's stress was compiling. She leaves and tells Elizabetta to watch over the children, but her sudden departure leaves Elizabetta confused on what she should do next. The children see her confused face and start crying, which Elizabetta tries to calm down. She realizes the fear of the people is spreading and the children are getting affected too, and if it persists, they will become so traumatized their future Evil Cycles may cause them to commit evil deeds. Elizabetta is already using her Bloodline Magic, 'Full Love Gauge' to try and gain the people's sympathy, but she is reaching her limit. What's worse is that the civilians hear the beast's roar and start panicking, leaving Elizabetta even more worried about what she shoud do.

Suddenly, everyone's attention turns to the arrival of Kuromu, Kerori's Akudol guise, who was expected due to having a concert performance on the same day. Everyone gets excited that their favorite Akudol was at the shelter as Kerori gathers everyone's attention. She admits there are magic beasts running amok and everyone is feeling scared, but they need to calm down and think rationally, asking if the beasts outside are as scary as they seem. She asks that between the beasts causing trouble and her undeniable cutness, which one is stronger. Immediately, all the civilians yell that her cuteness is stronger. Elizabetta watches in amazement that Kuromu was able to wash away everyone's fears as Kuromu has the Walter Park staff get her concert ready.

Down in Wlavras Prison, Atori hears the noise above and assumes that everyone is scared, causing Wett to agree that the plan is going smoothly. Atori, however, realizes shortly after that the noise he is hearing is music from Kuromu's concert. At the same time, Ameri tells Opera that she will take down the Panther Rat while they rescue Clara. Opera is about to question her decision before she blocks the rat's attack, proving she can handle it by herself. Opera, in response, points out a potential weak spot on the rat's forehead due to how well it is protected, which Ameri agrees to target.

Opera saves Clara as Ameri dodges the rat's tails with extreme speed, as she declares to the beast that she will make sure nothing is left when she is done with it, as she intends to demonstrate the pride and power of the Azazel Family.

Chapter 81

The Panther Rat jams its tails into the ground so it can lift itself into the air and jump on Ameri. Opera warns her but all Ameri says as the beast comes down on her is that "she will not be crushed", and she endures the strike. She then says "she is strong" as she grabs the beast and throws it away. Opera and Clara watch in amazement as Opera realizes Ameri is using her Bloodline Magic 'Romanticist (King of Delusions)', which allows her to draw out her maximum power by believing in herself. What Opera finds the most interesting is that 'Romanticist' is considered the ultimate self-hypnotism, and that it can act as a double-edged sword and possibly damage the user if they are scared of the opponent, so for Ameri to be able to use it against a demon beast at her age makes them see her as a demon with an iron will.

The Panther Rat gets back up and unleashes gas from its tails, which Ameri doesn't breathe in with her Bloodline Magic, leaving Opera even more amazed by her endurance while Clara comments on how cute her pose was when she said that. The both of them also notice she seems to be humming something, which was the song she heard during Kuromu's concert that Iruma helped with, and that the song is giving her inspiration and the strength to finish the Panther Rat off with a splitting axe-kick to the head.

Clara and Opera congragulate her on her victory, though when Clara pokes her, Ameri coils in pain, which Opera says is the aftermath of using 'Romanticist'. Ameri curses herself for it but Opera says that Ameri is just inexperienced, meaning there is room to grow. Opera decides to ask Ameri to work with them as Sullivan's assistant after graduation so they can train together. Ameri tells Opera she is touched, but she says she wants to work with her father after graduation. Opera accepts her decision, but when he mentions that if she did work with them, she would be living in the house as well, Ameri fantasizes living with Iruma thinking the two of them would be a married couple.

Opera says to forget to conversation ever happened before Ameri grabs them and says while blushing feverishly that she will think about their offer. Opera accepts though is a little scared she still had so much power. Opera finally asks Clara why she was with them and she says she wanted to provide the two of them with weapons with her Bloodline Magic, which causes Ameri to tell her it was dangerous for her to show up like that. This does give Opera an idea and they ask her for a 'secret weapon'.

At the Crimson Dragon's location, Alice and Sabro watch the creature and banter with each other before they tell each other to not slow them down.

Chapter 82

Iruma, Sicirue, and Picero manage to save the children stuck behind some rubble and proceed to get them somewhere safe. Iruma asks Sicirue if Alice and Sabro will be okay since they were arguing as the three of them left, as he remembered they were arguing about which one would deal with the dragon and how they both decided to go after Iruma suggested he go too. Sicirue says that they are jsut acting as decoys and that they are supposed to just divert its attention without getting too close. He also told them to absolutely not attack, and just as he says that he hears an explosion behind him, which the two see was definitely caused by Alice and Sabro.

After the two attack the dragon, they start arguing about which one damaged it more as Iruma and Sicirue watch in dismay. Alice gets struck with the dragon's tail but he retaliates with a blast of fire that almost hits Sabro as well, much to his frustration. Alice claims he just got in his way, so Sabro returns the favor with his own attack. Now furious, Alice summons his familiar and has it strike the dragon, just as Sabro summons his familiar and intentionally dowses Alice in flames.

With all their fighting though, Sicirue does admit they are pushing the dragon back, though for much as they are first-years with so much power, he feels he needs to back them up. The Crimson Dragon proceeds to fire a beam of energy at Iruma and Sicirue's location, but Sicirue easily blocks it with his arm. Alice sighs a breath of relief that Iruma was okay, but then notices Iruma shouting at him. It turns out the dragon got close to Alice and fired another beam of energy at his direction as Iruma and Sicirue watch in horror.

Chapter 83

Iruma watches as Alice is supposedly destroyed by the dragon's beam as he thought back to what Kalego said to him about how accustomed he is to putting himself in danger, and he acknowledges this by saying that whatever crisis he ended up in, he always told himself 'everything would work out'. But now that he isn't alone anymore, he now drags his friends into danger. Before he has a breakdown though, Sicirue points to Alice's position and shows that Sabro shielded Alice with his back, much to Iruma's relief.

Alice asks Sabro why he protected him, as he could have just used Alice as a decoy. Sabro responds that it would have made him look extremely cool like the Demon King, which leaves Alice in disbelief. They take cover as the Crimson Dragon breathes fire down on them just as Sabro tells Alice they should now retreat. Alice asks why Sabro wants to retreat since he wanted to look cool and Sabro answers by asking if defeating the dragon is Alice's ambition. He says to Alice that he won't stop him from fighting the beast even though he may die, but he was taught the difference bewteen 'willing to die' and being immature during the race at the beginning, and ever since then the dedicated himself to growing stronger and smarter because of how determined he is to become Demon King. However, because Alice devotes himself to Iruma constantly, he hasn't spent time developing himself at all.

Sabro grabs Alice and asks once again if his ambition is to become Iruma's indestructible spear and not win, and to never mistake his ambition ever again. Taking Sabro's words to heart, Alice creates a wall of flames to give them time to escape while acknowledging that Sabro was right about him. The two of them start running as Alice thanks Sabro for saving him, which Sabro accepts. The dragon, however, prepares to fire once again at the two of them, but the beam is blocked by Sicirue, who tells the two students to leave the dragon to him.

Chapter 84

Alice and Sabro meet up with Iruma as Iruma hugs Alice out of relief that he is safe and apologizes for putting him in that situation, though Alice tries to apologize for being reckless just as Sabro grabs the both of them and proceeds to run from Sicirue's fight with the dragon.

Sicirue creates a wooden dragon called Nigyupnill to restrain the dragon by wrapping around its legs, neck, and horns. The dragon tries to break free by breathing fire onto the wood dragon, but Sicirue says its fire isn't strong enough to burn it since he forged the dragon with his own mana. He then forms a fist out of vines and strikes the dragon in the throat and yells he will make it regret attacking his students as the wooden dragon bites down on its neck, finally bringing it down.

Sicirue walks over to his students as Alice admires how strong Sicirue is. Both he and Sabro ask Sicirue if he can teach them magic just as the Crimson Dragon's body starts glowing and the Mountain Bull and Panther Rat's bodies, which were also glowing, fly to the dragon's location as the three beasts fuse into one huge monster. It fires another beam of energy at Sicirue but this time it gets blocked by Opera and Ameri. Iruma asks how Opera found them and they say he followed his scent. Sicirue asks Opera if they will help him, and they agree. Opera says that it may not be easy since it is just the two of them, but then they pull out a summoning seal, which he received from Clara. Iruma looks on in worry.

Chapter 85

Sure enough, Iruma ends up summoning Kalego, who arrives to their location in his familiar form, and he is immediately grabbed and petted by Opera and Sicirue. They tell him that because the beasts have fused, they need to work together like in the past in order to stop it, though Kalego isn't pleased with this at all. Kalego demands Iruma undo the summoning but Opera tells him not to because then he will go back to his previous location. The students back up and watch thinking the three of them will cooperate and that the battle will be a very long one. To their surprise though, they just attack the beast individually and at the same time, though they still managed to defeat the beast.

Wett gets a report from Miki that the beasts were destroyed, which annoys him that it happened so fast. Atori asks what they should do since the plan was to destroy the park completely, and Wett says they just have to speed up their plans. Wett does remind Atori that the beasts were created from their magic, and they have one last trick up their sleeves. This trick is that the fused beast starts accumulating leftover magic in its body and prepares to self-destruct. Kalego orders Picero to use his Bloodline Magic to create a crater to hide in. Iruma asks what will happen and Opera says most likely half the park will be destroyed. The notice though, that the beast is walking over to the shelter.

Alice, Sabro, and Ameri try to attack it, but Kalego tells them not to because it is already unstable. Sicirue also adds that the people in the shelter are too far away from their location so there would be no time to escape. Iruma tries to think of something to stop it but Sicirue sadly says there is nothing else. They then hear a loud voice coming from Ronove Lomiere, who angrily tells the beast that it has broken into his sacred garden and hurt all these innocent people, and he will never forgive it for that. He then activates his Bloodline Magic, 'Charisma' to draw the beast's attention to him rather than the shelter (which he didn't account for). Iruma, however, jumps in front of Lomiere just as Arikured pops out of the ring.

Chapter 86

Iruma tells Arikured that they are going to absorb all the magic, which Arikured was not happy to hear. Iruma asks if the Ring of Gluttony is supposed to absorb magic, and Arikured says that this amount will be hard on him. Nevertheless, he does say he can absorb the magic, but he will need Iruma's help, asking him to change him into something that can swallow all that magic, which Iruma agrees to. With everyone in his thougts, he transforms Arikured into a large cat creature that promptly swallows the beast, leaving everyone stunned.

Alice, Sabro, and Ameri run over to him in worry asking if he is okay as Kalego scolds him for apparently forgetting what he told him before. Iruma says to Kalego that he didn't forget what he told him, saying he was reckless because of how used he was to danger. But now that he has people special to him, he regained his sense of fear, and as scared as he was and worried he would scare everyone, he strengthened his resolve to save everything, which he declares is his ambition. After a brief silence, Kalego says to him that he is still shaking, which is why he told him not to act recklessly.

As Opera watches, they think back to when they asked Sullivan why he picked Iruma, and now he is starting to understand a bit why. Meanwhile at Wlavras Prison, the prisoners reach the first level and find an opening to escape from. When they reach for the bars though, they were repelled by magic. Ami Kirio appears on the other side of the bars and as they ask him for help, they notice all of Six Fingers appear and bow to him, saying they have come to escort him. The prisoners watch in confusion as Kirio has Wett reveal that their plan was to "destroy Walter Park" and "free Ami Kirio", which shocks all the prisoners.

The prisoners get angry at Kirio, thinking he has betrayed them and intends to leave them in prison. Kirio, howver, denies ever saying he was ever going to free them in the first place, causing all the prisoners to realize that compared to everyone else in the prison, who were just 'bad', Kirio, with his soft-look so different from everyone else, was the true 'evil'.

Chapter 87

The prisoners realized Kirio tricked them by saying he would help them escape only to leave them behind. They ask why as Atori asks why they shouldn't since it would make things even more chaotic. Kirio explains that he brought all the prisoners up to the first floor specifically because he never intended to free them. He said that they listened to his plan, believed him, and helped him voluntarily. And when their ideals fell apart right in front of their eyes, it would create great despair, which is what he wanted to see all along. He also adds that if he did, they would have gotten caught anyway. Atori accepts Kirio's decision as he realizes why he is one of their leaders: he had never seen a demon more returned to his origins than him.

Back at the park, The entire Abnormal Class wonder if they should go home now since everyone is tired and beaten, but Lomiere and his father, Ronove Roosevelt, decided to give them a parade to celebrate their efforts in saving Walter Park. He asks for the leader (which everyone points to Iruma), and Roosevelt announces this to everyone, causing the civilians to cheer for him.

Kirio, from a distance, sees Iruma and wonders why he was hear and if he was the one who ruined the Six Finger's plans. Kirio says that this must be destiny, and that he truly is his mortal enemy. He is interrupted from his thoughts though when Baal calls him. Baal understands that Walter Park hasn't been destroyed, but he can't do anything about it because the Police Department would arrive soon, so he orders Kirio to return, which he agrees to. Baal says that it is good he is back so they can continue to spread chaos, as Kirio agrees and leaves with Six Fingers, once again saying that Iruma is his destined enemy.

As Iruma is cheered for, he turns to the alleyway wondering if he saw someone. Opera asks Iruma if he is okay as he gives him his bag, where Iruma pulls out the promise he made to Sullivan that he would have fun. He looks at his friends and says that while their was trouble, he truly believed he had fun.

Speaking of Sullivan, he learns of the news at home since he was locked in his room sorting photos of Iruma and immediately heads to the park.

Chapter 88

Sullivan arrives and embraces Iruma while hugging him and crying about how glad he is he is okay while Iruma says that Roosevelt was kind enough to let everyone stay in his hotel as a reward, which is why they didn't go back yet. Sullivan checks on Iruma again asking if he is okay, which he says he is, especially since all the teachers protected everyone. He tells Opera, as a response, that they, Sicirue, and Kalego are Iruma's bodyguards, which causes Kalego to shiver in another location.

Sicirue asks him if he knows who the culprit was, and Kalego says it was a few members of the staff, but neither the staff nor the prisoners have any memory of who they were or what they looked like, most likely a result of a spell. The two head to his room only to see Jazz, Lied, Kamui, and Goemon already in his room partying. They say his room was more elegant so they wanted to play around, causing Sicirue to say to his friend that they like him, despite Kalego calling them the worst.

As for the girls, the four of them are given whatever clothes they want as they talk about Ameri's fight and Kuromu's concert. Ameri happily says she is glad everyone else is safe as their attention turns to the staff who says there would be cake at the buffet, exciting all the girls. At the buffet, everyone starts eating up as Ameri notices Iruma walking outside. Just as she is about to call to him, she remembers 'Sweet Time Memory' and the nighttime roof scene, which causes her to change into a fancy dress before approaching him. Iruma notices her and compliments her on her dress, saying it suits her. He also says he is glad she came because he wanted to talk to her about their dreams and ambitions like before. He says that his ideal is to have fun with everyone, but he needs something else to protect his ideal, which will be his ambition, so he asks for Ameri to watch her, which she agrees, saying in her mind that every time she lets him out of his sight, he becomes stronger, which makes her happy.

In response, she tries to ask Iruma if the two of them can go somewhere alone, remembering her ambition to make Iruma fall in love with her, only to get interrupted by Clara and Alice coming out to tell Iruma about a huge cake and how Sicirue agreed to teach Alice magic. Ameri allows Iruma to leave with them, but is surprised when Iruma asks Ameri if the two of them can go somewhere alone, which causes her to pass out in joy. After Iruma goes back inside, the entire Abnormal Class see Sullivan and Roosevelt announcing that the ones who saved Walter Park was Iruma and the Abnormal Class, much to their chagrin.

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