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Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Volume 11 contains chapters 89 to 97.

The cover features a colour print of Sullivan with Iruma in his lap.

Characters introduced (in order)

Chapter 89 - Clara's Home

Despite Iruma's best efforts to keep a low profile due to him being human and fearing what would happen should he be found out, his actions at Walter Park have garnered him a paparazzi demanding to see him to ask questions due to Sullivan promoting him as the hero who saved it, leaving him stuck at the park's office building. As the other students start heading home, Alice says that the paparazzi will most likely be waiting for him at his home, so Opera suggests that he should hide somewhere else until things calm down. Clara then offers Iruma and Alice to come to her house.

Within the Noisy Forest, Clara's family greet the two of them with their usual high energy, causing Alice to comment that they have only been in the house for five seconds and it is already so loud. Clara claims only members of her family can find their way in the forest as her brothers explain how they should act in their house. Her brother Konchie messes around with Alice while Keebow asks Iruma which of the two is Clara's boyfriend; a statement that leaves Iruma flustered. Keebow says it would be awesome if Alice was it and Konchie says it may be Iruma because Clara always talks about him, only for her to silence him by covering his mouth with her hand and leading her friends into the living room.

As the two of them take in their surroundings, Iruma says there are a lot of unusual things and Clara's mother says it is because her husband is an adventurer so they receive lots of things from him, though when they mention things like a field and pond, Alice comments how weird that all is. Iruma is then presented with a book filled with baby pictures of Clara, which embarrasses her to the point that she confiscates the book, only for her mother to pull out another one and the two boys commenting on how much Clara is panicking because of her. Alice is then hit with a blob of paint from Clara's brothers, explaining that they wanted to use him as a canvas because of his white outfit, causing him to chase them while Iruma plays with Clara's younger sisters.

After a day of playing with the Valac family, Iruma and Alice collapse on a pile of pillows despite Clara wanting to continue playing. Clara tells the two of them that she will provide a special "sleep ritual" which involves them resting their heads on her lap. She starts with Alice and despite his protests, he ends up falling asleep rather quickly. Iruma's turn comes and he falls fast asleep too, saying that all his stressful moments are melting away thanks to her. After he is asleep, Clara says that Iruma has worked hard.

The next morning, Clara's mother reveals that she and her kids dig out their own crops for breakfast, as a meal doesn't taste better unless you work hard for it. Iruma says that this is exciting because he feels his fatigue is all gone, something Alice agrees with. As Clara suggests the three of them compete, Clara's mother takes a picture of them and adds it to the album, in addition to the picture she took when she saw the three of them sleeping together.

Chapter 90 - Sabbath

Haruno gives Lied a call and asks if he can bring four people to the next Sabbath, which he says he can do. Sabbath is explained to be a mixer for demons, allowing meetings of the opposite sex. He recruits Iruma, Jazz, and Sabro and tells them that they didn't have much fun at school until now, and that their semester break can't end without having some fun with girls. Iruma tries to bring up how they were with girls at Walter Park, but Lied says they were so busy fighting they could barely talk with them, so it doesn't count, and this meeting will definitely make their days brighter. Jazz accepts as he says that their are less demon girls than boys so getting closer may be a good idea, and Sabro accepts because he feels he can get to know his subjects for his dream of becoming Demon King. Jazz does ask why he went with this lineup and Lied explains that the girls would have fawned over Alice only and Kamui is an obvious no. He does admit Sabro is risky with his personality but it was a risk he was willing to take. He nevertheless manages to invigorate the three of them to giving the Sabbath a try.

At the tea house, Haruno, Azuki, Konatsu, and Dosanko introduce themselves to the boys which Lied greets them back. He thinks back to before they entered the building and how he told Sabro to not talk about the Demon King, Jazz can't pickpocket, and Iruma can just be himself. He claimed this is all about teamwork, but in reality he wanted the three of them to keep quiet so he can stand out among them and get the attention of all the girls for himself. Sadly for him, the 'advice' he gave the three of them end up attracting the girls; Sabro was by told by Konatsu that he was tall like the Demon King, and his quiet response cause her, Azuki, and Dosanko's heart to skip a beat. Haruno talks with Iruma and compliments him for his skills despite being small. She tells him that his hands are cute and he returns the compliment by saying girl hands are cuter, causing them to fawn over his adorableness. Jazz ends up amazing the girls with a coin trick.

Lied starts panicking that he won't be able to keep up, so he uses his Bloodline Magic to steal Haruno's sense of taste hoping to impress them, and while it works, it wasn't as huge a reaction Sabro, Iruma, and Jazz received, which bums him out. The girls then head to the bathroom to freshen up, though Lied knows they are actually going to talk about them in their "mini-Sabbath", so he uses his Bloodline Magic to steal their hearing so he can hear what they say about them. Konatsu says she likes Sabro because of how strong he looks, Azuki says Jazz is cool because of his bad boy vibes, and Haruno says that Iruma is adorable. Just as Lied starts despairing that they aren't talking about him, he perks up that one of them says she likes him, only for it to be revealed that the compliment came from Dosanko, which upsets him again.

After the Sabbath comes to a conclusion, the girls say goodbye to the boys as Lied says his unfortunate luck with Sabbath was due to him being too greedy. He is surprised though when Iruma holds his hand out to him and thanks him for today, believing that was his initial intention. Sabro praises Lied for making the girls happy and Jazz offers to introduce him to some upperclassmen girls, who he thinks will like him more. Touched by the praise he received, Lied embraces Iruma calling the four of them the 'best' team, while Jazz sends a picture he took of them during the Sabbath to all of their friends. This unfortunately leads to several jealous responses from their classmates and Ameri.

Chapter 91 - Demon's Manners

Asmodeus Amaryllis dotes over her son's pouting appearance as she says that she will make him act like the noble demon he is at the Devilam, a ball for sophisticated demons to socialize.

While commenting on how tedious he considers the ball, he is surprised to see his younger sisters dressed up fancy, which he compliments them for. One of them tries to say that they look cuter than Iruma, but Alice says that Iruma looks good in a dress too, which annoys them. As the other demons fawn over Alice's presence, one of them named Luluu Uval approaches him and introduces herself and mentions his various accomplishments while ordering a servant girl to bring them drinks. Before she can continue her conversation with him, Azazel Ameri appears, and while this elates the demons present, they become a little sad when they see them in their own world as they talk about Iruma and how bummed they both are he isn't present.

Uval sends the servant away as she and a few others talk about how dull they see her as due to coming from a family of librarians and being Rank 1 compared to Alice and Ameri, who they see as standing above all others. Speaking of, Ameri and Alice talk about why they are both here at this party, though while Ameri claims she was forced to go because her father told her too, similar to Alice, she was actually covering the fact that she was jealous Iruma was at the Sabbath and only came to the party out of spite. Ameri does admit that all she hears is stuff about Walter Park which Alice agrees with, and the two of them admit being with Iruma makes life interesting.

Suddenly, the two are approached by the servant girl who shyly asks for a dance with Alice. Uval then appears wearing the girl's shawl while calling her crude for thinking a Rank 4 like Alice would dance with a Rank 1 like her. She then asks Alice for a dance claiming it would improve his mood while shoving the girl aside, which causes Ameri to realize what they were planning. Before she can do anything, Alice approaches the servant girl and takes her hand. When Uval asks why, Alice explains that when the girl approached him prior, her covering of her horns and fangs was a sign of respect, not rudeness. He says that it is an old fashion manner of greeting and that he considers her an outstanding woman for knowing this manner of etiquette, which she says she learned about in a book. Alice tells her that he values manners deeply, and will willingly dance with her to return the favor. As they dance, the girl apologizes to him for being Rank 1 and considering herself a nuisance to him, but he says that someone he respects was Rank 1 before, and while he thinks ranks are important, he acknowledges demons who move forward regardless of rank. He tells her that worth is not only in her rank, but in her dancing; a statement that makes her extremely happy.

After the dance ends, the girl absolves to be a demon as dignified and graceful as him even though she is Rank 1. Just as she asks if she can talk with him again, Alice receives a picture of Clara with Iruma, causing him to call her and yell at Clara through his phone for spending time with Iruma all by herself. Ameri overhears and joins in demanding details out of jealousy. The girl, rather put off by this unusual lack of etiquette, wonders if she can even be like them.

Chapter 92 - Magical Street

Following the events of Walter Park, Sullivan declares that all three groups are the winners, which excites them all. As Sullivan announces that Kalego is treating everybody, Sicirue asks if he is okay with it, which Kalego surprisingly says he is, because he says that if everyone is the winner, then technically everyone is the loser as well, which means everyone will have their homework doubled as per the deal; a statement that saddens everybody.

Just as Iruma finally finishes his homework, Opera says that the second semester will start soon, and Sullivan comes in and takes Iruma away to go shopping, which apparently he has been looking forward to. The two of them head to Magical Street to do their shopping where they are confronted by various people praising Iruma in front of Sullivan, though Iruma was wearing anti-paparazzi detection warding glasses to avoid detection so they thought he was just a servant.

After looking through various clothes, the two of them and Opera head to the library where Sullivan presents Iruma with various books with more spells to learn in preparation. As he tests one on Iruma, he also uses it on a shoplifter who attempted to flee with a lot of books he shrank, which earns him the praise and admiration of the surrounding people. Iruma overhears them say that Sullivan is Rank 9, yet despite being a top candidate, he won't step up and become the next Demon King, a statement that leaves Iruma confused.

After their shopping day ends, Iruma thanks Sullivan for bringing him shopping which makes the old demon happy. Realizing Iruma has adapted quite well to the Demon World, he asks his grandson if he likes going to school, which Iruma answers happily that he does. Just as Sullivan starts getting into the details of the second semester, he gets surprised when Iruma asks him how one becomes the Demon King.

Chapter 93 - The One Who Controls the Underworld

At Babel Tower on the 665th floor, the Thirteen meet for dinner, but the Demon King Derkila was not present. Derkila, in fact, was lazying about somewhere else as someone approached him reminding him that the dinner was today, but Derkila says he knows already. The person tells him to inform the others where he is going, but Derkila says he should stop nagging because he doesn't understand why all of those demons are sitting around meeting indoors like the Underworld is an office. He claims that the Demon World he is seeing from where he is laying is the true Demon World, and he orders the person to bring the demons to where he is so they can have the meeting outside. The person asks if it is because he is being lazy and Derkila responds that he is being too strict and he wants to enjoy the best view in the Underworld.

It is then revealed that the person was actually a young Sullivan, as the events that took place were just a memory that Iruma pulled him out of so he can answer his question. After coming back to his senses, Sullivan embraces Iruma thinking he wants to be Demon King. Iruma says he didn't say that and he asked because he heard other people talking about it and how he could become the Demon King and he wanted to know exactly why. Sullivan accepts this answer and summons many books to explain. Sullivan reveals to Iruma that the representatives of the Demon World are called the "Thirteen Crowns" and their job is maintaining peace in the Demon World, and the Demon King is one who is approved by all thirteen because it is a big responsibility to control them. Iruma asks if the Demon King's job is to control almost everything but Sullivan corrects him by saying the Demon King controls everything, because the Demon King is the Demon World itself.

Sullivan explains that the Demon King controls the choices of demons even if their own desires differ. Iruma realizes that the reason the Demon World looks the way it does is because of the Demon King's own desires and says that he is a very fun person, which Sullivan confirms. Sullivan admits he doesn't know if he would be fit to be Demon King, (even if he would name a street after Iruma), and he tells Iruma he is curious as to what Demon World would Iruma make if he was the Demon King. He says he would support him just as Opera arrives with the carriage. As they head towards it, Iruma looks back and thinks on what Sullivan said.

Back home, Sullivan expresses joy at being able to lazy about with Iruma now that preparations for the next semester are over. Opera reminds him that he still has work to do but Sullivan claims he can do that and play with Iruma at the same time, because he knows things will be very busy once it starts. Iruma admits he would like to play with him, he reveals he already made plans for the last day; a statement that compels Sullivan and Opera to want to join him.

It is then revealed that is planning to meet with Ameri for the last day.

Chapter 94 - Dream Date

Iruma and Ameri decided to go to a Leisure Park called "Aqua Case", created by Lady Velar. What Iruma did not know when he arrived though, was that it was a water park; something he figures out when he sees Ameri having changed into a swimsuit, prompting him to change as well. As he goes to change, Ameri reveals she is using 'Sweet Time Memory' as a reference guide to create the perfect date with her and Iruma at this place, which she is determined to have succeed.

As the two of them look around, Ameri decides to initiate Phase 2 of her perfect date plan: holding hands. She calms herself down long enough to reach for his hand, only to find that she grabbed his arm instead. She lets go of a confused Iruma and wonders why Iruma's hand is so far away even if he is small, and she realizes she is much larger than him in general, so she can't grab his hand at all. The two of them then come across a water slide, which Ameri sees as her moment to have him hold her like in the story. To her disappointment though, it turns out to be the other way around, most likely due to the difference in sizes between the two. She thinks as long as the two of them are this close they might be able to connect, but the slide ends up being faster than they expected, so they weren't able to hold onto each other for the ride. Despite that, Ameri chooses not to give up and find the perfect moment for her and Iruma. Unfortunately for Ameri, her incredible strength and the location's bizarre food continuously prevent her from finding that perfect moment, and her suppressing her feelings were starting to drive her a little nuts.

The two proceed to look at various souvenirs as Iruma starts to wonder if Ameri is having fun, especially since he knows she always works hard leading the students as president of the Student Council, so he wants to help her relax if he can. Iruma starts by asking Ameri if she is having fun, which she confirms with a smile on her face that makes Iruma blush. Inside her mind though, Ameri reminds herself that her ambition is a relationship with Iruma, and while she can't ask him to carry her like a princess, she at least wants to hold hands with him.

Their next stop is an attraction show with a giant beast called Mako. Ameri tries to create a romantic mood by comparing how much he and Mako eat as the director said, but when she turns to face him she finds the beast grabbing him and trying to eat him. The directors start panicking why she would want to eat Iruma because Mako doesn't eat demons, and Iruma realizes the perfume he wears to mask his scent must have washed off in the water. He worries he will be eaten just as Ameri punches Mako to get it to release Iruma, who she then catches. Everyone cheers for her display of strength and Iruma even gets a one-year pass as an apology. Ameri, however, feels she completely ruined any chance for a romantic moment through her aggressiveness.

As she laments that this date was the worst ever, Iruma directs her attention to a cut on her leg, which she got when she brushed against Mako's scales. Iruma asks if she can walk before deciding to carry her like a princess to the infirmary to get her treated. Ameri can't help but laugh at this turn of event and declares that this was the best date ever, before telling Iruma to carry her to the bench on the second floor.

Chapter 95 - Abnormal Class's New Semester

At home, Arikured yells at Iruma for having him absorb all that magic at Walter Park while he was having fun with girls, citing the Sabbath, his time at Clara's house, and his water park date with Ameri. Iruma claims he was in a vacation mood and now it has passed, because the new semester of school has started. When Iruma, Alice, and Clara arrive at school though, they get surrounded by students asking about Walter Park and Royal One. The three of them try to get to class but end up finding their classmates showing off to the other students, who continue to boast about their luxuries before being called back to reality by Kalego.

In Royal One, Kalego informs the class that some events that will help them increase their ranks will be held this semester, namely the Harvest Festival and the Music Festival. He then tells the class that they are an exception as he brings forth a magic scroll that reports to the class with an ear-bleeding scream that all students of the Abnormal Class must advance to Rank 4 by their second year, and if any fail to do so, the entire class must leave Royal One. This is because the ideal rank to graduate is Rank 4, and because Royal One is so prestigious, the students using it must match the rank worthy enough to use it, which is Rank 4.

Just as all the students start complaining about losing the prestige of Royal One, Kalego announces that in order to help them achieve this rank by the end of the year, the school has prepared to assign each one a special tutor, who he brings into the room. He assigns Jazz and Schneider to General Furfur, Goemon and Picero to Lady Velar, Elizabetta and Clara to Raim, Kerori and Kamui to Mister Hat, and Alice and Sabro to Sicirue. He announces that this will be for the remainder of the year.

Iruma and Lied, who were the last ones, wonder who their tutor will be. They start panicking it would be Kalego himself, but he says he can't because he is supervising the others. When they ask who it will be, he points to Bars Robin, who entered the room as well, and enthusiastically says he will help them rank up; the two aren't impressed though.

Chapter 96 - The Tutor's Plan

Due to this new situation, the entire Abnormal Class is stuck thinking about what will happen with their tutors and what kind of work will be waiting for them. The end of class comes and the students leave to meet their tutors (except for Jazz and Schneider, who were literally picked up by Furfur). Furfur proceeds to fly Jazz and Schneider off campus, to their surprise, and when they ask where they are going, he says 'a place for adults'; he insists he has a plan to make them rank up though.

Down in the Underground Gym, Goemon and Picero meet Lady Velar, though her constant crying leave them wondering if she is even capable of teaching. She admits she is scared and a crybaby, but it is because of those traits she has incredible skills, such as creating a huge cage of water like she just did. Meanwhile Mister Hat meets Kerori in her studio much to her displeasure. He also says that Kamui went home to change so he won't know about her identity as Kuromu. Kerori tries to get Mister Hat to leave but he says he got permission from Mal, especially since this training will also help her Akudol career. With Clara and Elizabetta, Raim tells the two of them that she will teach them to grow as woman, which they readily accept. As for Alice and Sabro, the both of them get beaten badly by Sicirue, as he says all the tutors have plans to make the Abnormal Class the strongest there is.

With Bars Robin though, Robin says to Iruma and Lied that the best thing they need to rank up is 'fighting spirit', and has them chant while walking. The two of them are extremely unsure if Robin is a good tutor for them, even feeling like they are falling behind everyone else. To their surprise though, Robin was actually bringing the two of them to Royal One to meet his 'big sis'. When they get there, he admits he felt anxious having to tutor the two of them, so he reached out to one of his relatives for help.

Just as he starts talking about how skilled she is, he ends up getting slapped by her when he opens the door as she yells at Iruma and Lied that they kept her waiting.

Chapter 97 - Bachiko

The woman, who introduces herself as Barbatos Bachiko, tells the two of them that she is in a bad mood because they made her wait for too long, and that the only reason she is here is because Sullivan asked her to, but she doesn't intend to do any tutoring. Lied and Iruma beg her for help because they don't trust Robin to train them alone which she understands, so she says they will have to prove if they fit by getting her in the mood to be their master.

This unfortunately results in the two of them being forced to carry Bachiko on a chair to various locations and to get her snacks and drinks, only to complain that they are the wrong ones for her. She also has them repaint a wall which gets them in trouble with the school staff. They ask again if she feels like being their master and she says they should dress up and look cute for her, which they do albeit with severe embarrassment. She then tells them to get ingredients to make something sweet she would enjoy, except this results in them fighting a Fruity Ground Dragon to do so, and while they succeed, by the time they return to Bachiko, not she has already eaten, now in the mood for meat. She then tells the two of them to go home, but not before they do her laundry.

While doing her laundry, Lied finally snaps and complains that Bachiko is only using the two of them as her errand boys, not training them to rank up. He decides to ask Robin after all but Iruma says he will keep working, saying he is used to it and he believes she has a deeper reason for everything, unaware that she was listening on the two. After Lied leaves though, Bachiko walks over to Iruma and tells him that she is surprised as he is the only student who has followed all her orders up until this point, and that the spirit to act for others and get everything done makes him a huge idiot in her eyes.

Bachiko's words end up sticking with Iruma for the rest of the day, and as he tries to sleep, he realizes the reason he can't get her face out of his head and why his chest feels so tight is because he feels extremely frustrated. He decides to call Alice, who informs him that he is still training with Sicirue and he was just starting to get fired up. He leaves a text message for Iruma saying he wants to show the results of his training before saying goodnight. Afterwards Iruma gets a photo from Clara where he sees her and Elizabetta having a 'Women's meeting'. After seeing how hard his friends are training, he decides to catch up.

The next day, he approaches Bachiko with a prepared table and various snacks while declaring that he wanted to be her perfect personal servant out of his own free will. Bachiko starts laughing at this turn of events leaving Iruma confused.

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