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Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Volume 12 It contains chapters 98 to 106.

The cover features a color print of Iruma with Barbatos Bachiko in his lap.

Characters introduced (in order)

Chapter 98 - Dreadful Stories

Naberius Kalego concludes the day's lecture and tells the Misfit Class to go to their training, though they already look like hell.

While sitting alone in the dark in Royal One, Lied decides to ask his classmates how awful they consider their training to be, having been doing it for two weeks. He starts with Picero and Goemon, as Goemon says that Lady Vepar wants to strengthen their Bloodline Magic so she traps them underwater as to replicate a scenario where they cannot use them since they are only strong on the ground. Goemon also adds that because of this, Picero is always sleeping during the day. Lied says that is awful for them. Lied then talks about his own experiences with Bars Robin. He explains he brought all of his games to him and was told they would clear them all in six days, even restarting the ones he had already finished. At first, he felt alright because he likes playing games, but they played for several hours straight, so he feels he is hitting his limit.

Alice and Sabro reveal that for their training, the two of them aren't allowed to even go home until they land at least one blow on Balam Sicirue, and that is a challenge in itself because he always counterattacks. Iruma then asks about Jazz and Schneider, and Lied says he got some text messages from the two of them. The first few texts made it seem they were having fun, but they slowly became shorter and the last one was completely illegible; the group decided to continue on. When they turn to face Clara and Elizabetta, they seem them posing, as Clara explains the two of them have been continuously practicing their posing and head turning, even when they aren't with Raim, which Lied considers scary diligence. Lied looks at Kerori and asks whey she looks catatonic. Kamui explains Mister Hat puts the two of them in cages with beasts for long hours in order for the two of them to effectively communicate with them. Kerori cries that the beasts are all smelly and muddy, and Kamui is upset he isn't in the same cage as Kerori.

Everyone looks at Iruma asking what his training is like. Iruma says that he boils water, prepares Bachiko's breakfast, goes shopping with her, help with sweet reviews, do laundry, draw a bath for her, make dinner, and then go home. Immediately, the others tell him what he's doing isn't training. He claims she is approving of him and is getting better at understanding her feelings, but they insist he is being used as a servant. At the conclusion of it, everyone complains at how hard the training is and how they would just like to relax for a while. Just then they all get messages from their tutors, who order them to assemble, which they do. Even though they consider their training intense, they all refuse to lose to the adults, since they are Misfits after all. Iruma was surprised at how determined the others were at achieving Rank 4, so he decides to do his best too.

He reads a text sent to him from Bachiko when she suddenly appears on his shoulders, revealing that she plans on making a new weapon for him for his training.

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