Volume 14 is the fourteenth manga of the Mairimashita! Iruma-kun series. It contains Chapters 116-124, and features Iruma Suzuki as the sole cover character.

Publisher's Summary

On the second day of the harvest festival, there are still 0 points to Iruma & Lied's team. With the aim of reversing one shot, we will begin to search for the harvest "Legendary Leaf"!! The greatest crisis approaches during such an entrance ...!?


  • Chapter 116 - Table-Turning Strategy
  • Chapter 117 - Kerori the Beast Queen
  • Chapter 118 - The Iruma I Know
  • Chapter 119 - Student Hunts
  • Chapter 120 - The Seed of Beginning
  • Chapter 121 - Thoth the Genie
  • Chapter 122 - Let's Go Back
  • Chapter 123 - Words I Couldn't Say
  • Chapter 124 - The Desires in the Bow

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 116

Ichiro and Niro praise Sabro and Alice for obtaining the Flaringo's Fruit and accept their defeat. Sabro says they are being good sports but the brothers confess they still feel super frustrated. They do admit the two of them are better and cooler and therefore they are true warriors. Alice says that if it wasn't for the rule that says students can't attack one another, the outcome between the two groups would have been very different. Sabro agrees saying the two of them gave them a run for their money with their strength. Alice and Sabro extend their hands to the two of them and say that as students of the same master (supposedly), they were honored to compete against the two. Immediately, the two brothers demand another fight, still fully commited to taking their master back with them by defeating them, so they will continue to compete with one another until the end. Suddenly, Suzy comes on the intercom and announces that the second day of the Harvest Festival has begun and wishes everyone luck.

After eating their breakfast, Lied tells Iruma that they will work hard to gain lots of points, which Iruma says he is all fired up for. As he continues to eat though, Lied reveals that they have zero points, which gets Iruma's attention. After asking to confirm, he thinks back to when Bachiko told him to both preserve his stamina and earn points, and he realizes he ate too much when he relapsed into his old habits. Lied, on the other hand, believes this was all part of his ultimate plan, because he believes he wants the two of them to go after the Legendary Leaf.

Lied says that the Legendary Leaf is a very difficult ingredient to acquire and with no information on it, no one has ever harvested it before. It is also worth 100,000 points, and Lied sees it as a table-turning jackpot. Since Lied is a gambler, he is willing to risk their energy in finding something that hard in order to win, plus it sounds fun. Iruma ends up going with the flow despite it not being his initial intention.

With their sights set on the Legendary Leaf, Lied says they should find information. The two of them know the other students don't know where it is, but the inhabitants of the forest do. They contemplate on how difficult it would be to befriend the creatures of the forest before remembering Kamui can communicate with beasts with his Bloodline Magic. Lied decides to use his own to find him while having Iruma navigate. As the two look for their friends, they wonder if they will even help, but they had hope they would. Sadly, they get surrounded by several beasts as Kamui informs Kerori of their arrival.

Chapter 117

Iruma and Lied are brought before Kerori, who is hailed as the Beast Queen by her many servants. Kamui confirms if the duo's intention for visiting them was to collect information on the Legendary Leaf due to his Bloodline Magic. After the duo confirm their suspicions, Kamui asks how they found them, and Lied explains he used his own Bloodline Magic to follow the rumor and hints of the magic the other students picked up. He does confess he is surprised by the empire they have established, and Kamui says having it is an essential strategy. He announces that Kerori is the strongest and therefore the most beautiful, therefore they will follow her without question.

Kamui tells the two of them it was careless to barge into their territory, though he does acknowledge Lied's abilities as well. He turns to Kerori and asks what they should do with them, and Kerori asks for offerings, believing it to be a fair trade. Iruma offers to tell her own to identify edible plants, but Kerori says the beasts can already do that. Lied speaks up and reveals they encountered Elizabetta and Clara prior and how they charmed them out of their points. The information is accepted by Kamui and Kerori, but then Kerori gives the two of them girl clothes so they can dance and entertain her. Kerori claims the reason is because her manager Mar insisted on Kerori obtaining pictures of dancing girls, which Iruma questions, though he does remember the last time it happened when he learned Kerori's secret.

Surprisingly, the two got used to Bachiko's absurd requests during their training, so dressing up as girls and dancing for Kerori was not a problem for them to do. As they dance the beasts comment how easily they accepted her terms while the other guards wonder what Kerori's intentions were for doing this. It turns out, Kerori didn't demand this of them to humiliate them, she did it to vent out her stress as she was on the verge of slipping into her Evil Phase, because even though she is an Akudol herself, she admires them herself.

After successfully pleasing Kerori, the beasts sing a song that provides information on the Legendary Leaf's location, with Kamui writing the lyrics down on paper for Iruma and Lied. Kerori says that she needed to be ready for the second day of harvesting, also adding she wanted to see if they were ready or not. Kerori does tell Iruma that if he needs something from her again, she will make him dance on a real stage, and lets them go.

Sure enough, Kerori was correct about the second day being a challenge, because one team from the Mistfit Class was going to disappear.

Chapter 118

Suzy comments that Iruma and Lied have learned about the "Seed of Beginning" and the "Pot of Ending"; two key items necessary to find the Legendary Leaf. She starts wondering if if will be harvested at last and how exciting it is. Dali asks Balam if he is excited too, but he sees him looking upset because Alice and Sabro used their Evil Phase on the first day when he told them to save it for special occasions, but the others reassure him it is okay because they themselves are still fine despite it all.

The teachers notice several students withdrawing due to running out of stamina, but surprisingly the teachers, who have been going out all night retrieving students, are similarly drained. Thankfully the student council, led by Azazel Ameri are out their helping. One student commends Ameri for coming out into the forest even though she could have left it all to them, though in reality she had hoped to run into Iruma, but she missed him because they are in different blocks.

The student said that being out in the forest and seeing Ameri reminds her of her own time fighting in the Harvest Festival and how she won after fighting for 6666 minutes; the entire time. The student wonders who would win next, saying that Alice and Sabro are at the top and that Iruma has zero points, and if Iruma wants to win, he will have to get the Legendary Leaf. Ameri admits she tried to find it herself but couldn't find it, only learning about it afterwards as if the organizers were playing a joke. The student believes acquiring the Legendary Leaf sounds impossible, but Ameri has faith that 'her' Iruma will go beyond expectations, because he is unpredictable and determined to reach Rank 4.

The student asks Ameri if Iruma's unpredictable nature is what makes her like him, which she is forced to admit with a blushing face. The student says that Iruma could present her with a whole bouquet of Legendary Leaves, which Ameri fantasizes about and wonders if that would count as a proposal. All of a sudden, she gets an alert that a commotion was occuring at the spectator's tent. She goes in with her subordinates and see all the withdrawn students betting, and slams her foot down demanding they all be silent. She sees one student on the stage and grabs him thinking this was his doing, but he denies and says he was only helping the one who started it. He then points over to who he was talking about and reveals it to be Jazz and Schneider, who were eating ramen while looking angry.

Ameri demands they tell her what they are doing, and Jazz says they have nothing to do but eat since they withdrew. She asks what he means and the two of them decide to tell them what happened, though Jazz considers the moment absolute hell.

Chapter 119

Previously, Jazz told Schneider that now that people from the third block recognize them, they should move to another location. They know collectively they have 12,800 points but 6,400 among the two isn't enough. They really wanted to win so Furfur wouldn't make fun of them again. Jazz says that Furfur is as annoying as his older brother and Schneider asks if his brother is as bad as he claims. Jazz yells that his brother, Andro M. Rock, is a lump of selfishness; pure evil in his eyes, and if Schneider ever meets him he would be annoyed to no end. Jazz says Rock is the last person he wants to ever see as he starts feeling dizzy, wondering if it was because it was the first time he had slept for a long time in a while. Just then, he comes across his brother, leaving him horrified. He angrily yells at him why he is here, but is further horrified when more Rocks appear surrounding him and Schneider.

Jazz tries to calm down by thinking what he is seeing is hallucinations from plants, but the various Rocks he sees constantly demand him either booze and money, saying he pawned off his watch, and that he is not good enough because he considers him an inferior version of himself. Finally snapping, Jazz attacks his brother yelling at who is inferior. All of a sudden, Rock dissipates, becoming someone else, who reminds Jazz that attacking other students is against the rules. Jazz quickly realizes what he saw wasn't plant-induced hallucination, but the magic of a student. The student in question, Orobus Coco, has the Bloodline Magic ability "Trauma", which allows him to create illusions of his opponent's greatest fears. Immediately, Jazz is disqualified and dragged away to the withdrawal tent with Schneider apparently following him.

In the present, Jazz acknowledges he was careless, but it was hard for him to not hit his brother back. The Student Council say Jazz was a victim of a Student Hunter, and how unlucky it was he crossed paths with one. Schneider says it wasn't unlucky, because he overheard Coco say he was aiming for the Misfit Class, which he says to Ameri. The others try to comfort Jazz while Ameri wonders if Iruma will be alright should he encounter Coco.

Speaking of Iruma, he follows the song and finds the cave leading to the Seed of Beginning.

Chapter 120

Now that Iruma had separated from Lied, Arikured had no problem revealing himself, and he was in rather high spirits looking for the Seed of Beginning. The reason Lied wasn't present was because he went off to solve the second half of the riddle, and the two of them have picked a place to meet up. Arikured does say he is worried if Iruma is on his own while also scolding him for recklessly points and mana when he was playing in Clara's Toybox, which Iruma apologizes for. Nevertheless, the two continue onward while being on guard for anything dangerous. He is, however, caught completely off guard when he comes across someone tied up in a weed.

After recovering from the horrible odor the person was giving off, Iruma recognizes the person as Ampsey Nafra, also known as "Mouthless Nafra", who is Rank 3. Iruma was surprised someone else came down looking for the Legendary Leaf, and Arikured says Nafra fell into a trap because he is tied up in Gripping Weed, and one drop of water causes it to grow up to 30 meters and grab everything nearby. Arikured says that the stench will keep beasts off him for now, and tells Iruma he should just leave him so he can withdraw. Nafra starts jerking around violently and Arikured says he is threatening them. When Arikured says the should move, he turns around and sees Iruma trying to get him free. Arikured whacks Iruma on the back of the head and scolds him for trying to help the enemy, but Iruma tells him he didn't sense any danger from Nafra and it looked like he needed help. Arikured gives in and allows Iruma to help him. Just after Iruma unties Nafra, he hugs him and thanks him repeatedly for his kindness.

As Iruma continues onwards, he notices Nafra following him and accepts his companionship. The two proceed to navigate various traps and landscapes before finding a temple. Iruma thanks Nafra for coming with him because his stench kept the beasts away, and then notices the Seed of Beginning. Just as Iruma picks it up though, the exit gets closed and a giant hand tears through the wall aiming at Iruma and Nafra. The two of them dodge, and the owner of the hand commends them for moving so fast. Out of the wall comes a genie who introduces himself as Thoth, who guards the seed. Thoth reveals that in order for them to obtain the seed from him, they can either challenge him to a fight and take it by force, or tell him something interesting.

Chapter 121

Thoth the Genie is considered a highly revered existence well-versed in all knowledge concerning the Demon World, and the teachers of Babylus summon him to guard the Seed of Beginning during the Harvest Festival. He tells Iruma and Nafra that if they want the seed, they must tell him something interesting. Iruma tries to think of something while Thoth says anything new is good for him, though he does add it should move his heart and fill him with emotions and laughter. Thoth says that knowledge and skill are the same, and it must touch the heart when imparted. He needs to see if those who seek the seed are worthy.

Iruma tries to tell him the story of "The Lonely Torturer", which he remembered Balam gave him, but Thoth says he knows all the books in the Demon World. Iruma offers survival techniques to stay alive, but Thoth says he studied flora and fauna, medicine, and other subjects. Iruma tries to get him with a trick question regarding a pound of rocks and a bag of feathers, and Thoth tells him that won't work either. Iruma collapses in defeat, though he does know he only recently started learning the basics of Demon World knowledge.

Nafra steps up and tells a joke which both he and Thoth find amusing, but Thoth knows all jokes and stories, so it doesn't work. Thoth laments his inability to come across new kinds of knowledge in the Demon World when Iruma gets an idea: He decides to tell him about 'Sweet Time Memory'; Thoth's attention is now peaked.

Iruma asks Nafra for his help and the two of them work together to act out the various chapters of the story. While it happens, Thoth feels his heart thumping and he finds the story told to him warm and fun. After Iruma and Nafra finish, Thoth says the story was great and moving and tells Iruma his knowledge is the 'seed of friendship'. He thanks Iruma for sharing the story with him by granting him the Seed of Beginning, while also hoping to add "Iruma's victory in the Harvest Festival" to his trove of knowledge. Iruma, in turn, thanks Thoth and is glad he enjoyed the story, but when he mentions there is more he had planned to cover, Thoth immediately tries to get Iruma to tell him more, with Iruma dodging.

Chapter 122

With the Seed of Beginning now in his possession, Iruma and Nafra start heading back, with Thoth having told the two of them the way out (and Thoth gave him his number so they could talk again, which Iruma was surprised by). Iruma prepares to meet up with Lied before remembering Nafra is with him. He starts wondering how they will handle the points they will have, but decides to figure it out later so he puts it off. He does realize he no longer smells him, wondering if he has adapted to his presence.

Iruma then starts thinking back to his old life, and all the crap his parents put him through. He considered every day a struggle for him to survive and now he is in the Demon World and had various experiences. He does say it is his own decision to be in the Demon World now and he is excited with being in it, which is why he wants to stay. All of a sudden, he comes across his parents.

A shocked Iruma asks his parents how they came to the Demon World before accepting their extreme carefree personalities wouldn't have made it a problem. They told him they ran out of money and are looking for more. Iruma tries to calm down so he can yell at them for selling him without a care, but he is unable to get through to them because they were busy talking about their next destination. Iruma starts worrying how things will end up the same as before before the two of them tell him it is time to go back to the human world.

A horrified Iruma starts saying he doesn't want to, but his parents ignore him, saying he is a good kid who always does what he is asked. Suddenly, his parents morph into a monster that scares Iruma enough to make him fall into a crevice, with Nafra only able to watch. Nafra turns around when he hears clapping though, as he sees a man named Ocho praising Coco for his magic. Coco admits Iruma falling was an accident, but believes he wouldn't be able to break free of the magic he used because of how strong it was, which would most likely take him out of the festival. Nafra tries attacking Coco but he ignores him, saying all he wants is the Misfit Class. Both Coco and Ocho leave, while Nafra calls out to Iruma down in the crevice.

Chapter 123

Iruma recovers from his fall and looks around wondering where he is. Just as he recalls meeting his parents, he winces in pain as he looks down and sees he cut his leg when he fell. As he wonders what to do, he is surprised by the sudden arrival of Alice and Clara. He reaches out asking how they got here, Alice smacks his hand away and tells him to stay away from him, while also calling him a human. Alice continues by saying that all of Iruma's magic and abilities were a fake, and Clara calls him a liar. The two of them leave him behind and to never speak to them again. Iruma tries to say they are wrong but he is unable to reach them. He then hears a voice and turns around to see Kalego who tells him it is impossible for humans and demons to coexist, and Iruma doesn't belong in the Demon World. Sullivan and Opera then appear, with Sullivan telling Iruma it will be okay and to come over to him, which Iruma happily does. However, Sullivan says he will return him to his parents since they came to pick him up, and morphs into a dark monster that forces Iruma to run and hide from.

As he hides, he thinks about what Alice and Clara said and says they would never say something like that to him, so what he is witnessing is an illusion. The only problem is, even if he knows that, his body won't move, and it isn't the pain in his leg that is the cause. He admits to himself that he was previously okay with being alone; it was normal and he could manage by himself. He never despaired because it wouldn't have filled his stomach, and that was all he cared about. But now that he has friends, a warm and loving home, everything is different, and if he lost it all, then he wouldn't be able to hold himself back from saying the words he has been holding back. He starts crying as he confesses he is lonely, and he doesn't want to be left behind.

He hears someone speak to him and he sees a vision of Bachiko, who calls him an idiot as if he forgot all she taught him. He forces himself to stand up while acknowledging what Bachiko told him. He pulls out his bow and arrow, and even though he is still crying, he will shoot straight through his fears.

Chapter 124

In a flashback, Iruma formed his bow and arrow, but when he fired his arrow at a can, it broke apart, with Bachiko laughing at him. Iruma says he shot it like she told him, which she doesn't deny. The problem was that his command wasn't coming through properly. She tells him to imagine what he wants to do, and while she remembers he put his desires into the feather and created a bow, she asks if his desire at the time was to defeat the enemy, which Iruma says no to. Bachiko says to Iruma that he needs to focus more, and to imagine his bow and tell it how to shoot. She concludes by saying that the moment he is the most focused is when he is in a moment of life or death, so he needs to think of the can as a dangerous monster. To emphasize, Bachiko uses her magic to create a lion monster out of magic surrounding the can for him to use as a target.

Iruma starts to get overwhelmed by the magical apparition despite Bachiko telling him to imagine piercing it harder than usual. Iruma sees it as rather hard, so he decides to imagine his survival days. He conveys his desires and fires the arrow, which hits the can and goes straight through it. Afterwards, Bachiko tells Iruma to do the same scenario 99 more times in order for him to fully become partners with his bow. She asks Iruma if he will give up now, but with determination, he says that isn't even close to the number of near-death situations his parents put him through. Bachiko accepts his resolve, though she does say something is wrong with his parents if he said that.

Iruma goes through the training with the vision of his hardships. After finishing both fell to the ground exhausted, having lost count. Bachiko explains to Iruma that the others before him gave up must faster, and if he loses this, she will make him her errand boy for life. She then gave him a big approving smile.

In the present, with Bachiko's words echoing in his head, he thinks about what it is that is scaring him; the fear in his heart is that he is afraid of being separated from all the people he cares about. He yells he will protect the place he belongs, and fires at the dark shadow, dispelling it. He says he will live in the Demon World because he wants to.

Iruma collapses and looks down at the creature he was fighting. He is surprised to see a monstrous spider, but is extremely relieved that the whole thing was an illusion the whole time. He reminds himself that the festival is still going on, and he wants to return to everyone while proving that even if he is human, he can stand beside them, which he acknowledges as a rather demonic thought. He becomes fully determined to win the festival, because it will show who the strongest demon is, even if he is human.

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