Volume 15 is the fifteenth manga of the Mairimashita! Iruma-kun series. It contains Chapters 125-133, and features Shax Lied and Iruma Suzuki.

Publisher's Summary

Harvest festival, last spurt!! First-year students collide with each other as they take on the title of "Young King", the title of the young devil that the winner holds!


  • Chapter 125 - The Young King
  • Chapter 126 - My Own Magic
  • Chapter 127 - Lied's Agony
  • Chapter 128 - Disturbed Heart
  • Chapter 129 - Lets Get It
  • Chapter 130 - The Misfit's Great War
  • Chapter 131 - Prisoner's of Charm
  • Chapter 132 - Agitated Heart
  • Chapter 133 - An Archer's Value

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 125

The third day of the Harvest Festival begins, and despite many students running out of strength to keep going, there are some that are still pushing strong, such as Asmodeus Alice and Sabnock Sabro and the Dorodoro brothers thanks to their offensive strategy, Garp Goemon and Agares Picero working with other students, Caim Kamui and Crocell Kerori working with beasts, and Ix Elizabetta and Valac Clara seducing their opponents to steal points in order to stay in the game.

Naberius Kalego delivers an intermission announcement where he reveals the points the members of Misfit Class have acquired: Alice has 21,800, Sabro has 18,600, Ichiro and Niro both have 16,500 points, Kerori has 19,200, Kamui has 12,400, Clara has 9,800, Elizabetta has 13,200, Orobus Coco has 15,400, Picero and Goemon have 9,500, and several others. He says that they have passing grades and that the Harvest Festival is the first year's final battle because the forest they are in represents the Demonic Realm itself, and their job is to survive. Kalego declares that among the students in the Festival, the one who stands above the others will receive an extremely prestigious title that defines the candidate for Demon King: The Young King. He explains that the names he listed are those closest to the title at the moment, and that they should be wary of one another in that regard.

After he turns off the intercom, he turns it back on and says that there is one student who has zero points and whose whereabouts are currently unknown. He says to the person that if he wants to give up he can, but if he wants to win, he needs to come back. After he hangs up, his peers tease him that he is playing favorites but Kalego denies this, saying it would be a pain to rescue that person. Suzy proceeds to list the points of the other participants as all the students talk about who will become the Young King. Alice and Clara, on the other hand, look up into the sky in worry for the person they know Kalego was talking about: Iruma.

Chapter 126

In separate locations, Alice and Clara think about what Kalego said about the person whose whereabouts are unknown and has zero points, which they knew was Iruma. In a flashback, both Alice and Clara were shown racing one another to Iruma's location so they could report their progress with their training to him while also competing over who will receive praise. When they see him training with Bachiko and how serious he was taking it however, they change their minds and head back, deciding to hold off and train harder after watching him. In the present, they both admit they witnessed Iruma training hard so they have faith he will be fine, so they both say they will wait for him. Alice says to Sabro that he will meet Iruma's expectations when he sees him again, though Sabro could see he really wanted to see him again. Clara was also getting impatient but she chose to hold out and let him come to her.

Speaking of Iruma, he continues to climb his way out of the cave while Arikured teases him for how many times he said he wants to see his friends. He also points out he saved Iruma when he fell while hallucinating and even protected the seed, though he says he didn't want to think about what would have happened if Iruma never broke free of Coco's spell. Iruma thanks him and says that it helped him find his resolve and taught him where exactly he feels he belongs. Arikured starts to ask how he intends to get back to the surface just as Ampsey Nafra appears before him and Iruma and spooking them.

Iruma learns Nafra decided to fly down the depths to find him, though when Nafra asks why Iruma didn't fly up himself, Iruma claims he is too injured to fly, which Nafra thankfully believes. Nafra decides to carry Iruma, but his large size makes it impossible. Iruma tells Nafra he can leave on his own, but Nafra instead pulls out some Gripping Weed that he kept after he was rescued by Iruma and a watering can he found to make it grow and wrap around a pillar for them to climb. Iruma grabs the vine but then worries he may not be able to get out fast enough with his injured leg and if he spends too long in the cave, he won't win the Festival. When he looks down at his leg though, he thinks back to when he hurt himself during the race at the beginning of the school year and how his blood healed the Guardian's child, and he gets an idea to add his blood to the weed.

In mere seconds, the Gripping Weed sprouts from underneath the forest, obtaining the attention of all the students and judges. As everyone (except Clara and Alice) try to figure out where it came from, Iruma sees a camera a top the weed and says hello to it.

Chapter 127

After returning to the surface and spotting a camera, Iruma immediately yells to Shax Lied that he has the Seed of Beginning and they should meet up. Also immediately after, Kalego picks up the microphone and yells at Iruma for his flashy display with the Gripping Weed. He asks if Iruma plans on withdrawing which he says no, so Kalego reminds him as of now he still has zero points so he needs to hurry up. Afterwards, Iruma prepares to meet up with Lied.

Speaking of, Lied is hiding for his life from other students. In a flashback, it is revealed that Lied challenged a large genie in order to obtain the Pot of Ending in a challenge of one hundred games and even though it was tough, he was successful in obtaining it. He starts wondering about Iruma before fantasizing about the fame and admiration he may get from becoming the Young King with the Legendary Leaf. Just as he starts thinking of an autograph, Suzy does an intermission announcement where she reminds everyone how the point system works, saying that they only count the ingredients submitted and not the one's in their current possession, which become easy targets for others. They then announce specifically to Lied that the pot he has, while not an ingredient, is worth 20,000 points, and it would be risky to not submit it soon. Lied becomes super excited at the thought of how much the pot is worth before realizing how dangerous it was they announced that and angry at the thought that they did it to mess around with him. He decides to hide until Iruma finds him but is surprised when Iruma calls out to him after he returned to the surface with the Seed of Beginning and that they should meet at the Lover's Statue.

While Lied is grateful he will meet up with Iruma soon, he starts panicking at Iruma giving away their location. He looks at the pot and says that it is giving off an ominous vibe, and he realizes immediately how easy a target he and Iruma have become because they hold something worth 100,000 points. He tries his best to hide from the other students and tries to give himself confidence that he will protect the pot, but he is caught off guard by Elizabetta's unexpected arrival.

Chapter 128

In front of the Lover's Statue, Iruma meets up with Lied and asks him if he found the Pot of Ending. Lied reports that he did indeed find it, but then bursts into tears and says that it was stolen from him. He hugs Iruma and reveals that it was Elizabetta who stole it from him and she was really mean to him.

In a flashback, when Elizabetta confronted Lied, Lied panicks at the thought of getting charmed by her and losing the pot, even if it would be nice. He yells that he won't give her the pot even if she tells him she likes him like before. To his surprise though, Elizabetta apologizes to him for tricking him earlier that way. Just as he starts to have hope again, his world shatters when Eilzabetta says she doesn't like him very much. She says the reason is because he isn't very strong, he always messes around, and even that he is small (which he doesn't deny because he uses his tail to float in order to disguise his height). She then says that he is always ogling her body, specifically her chest and butt, which he vehemently tries to deny. Elizabetta announces that she hats pervy men, and Lied completely collapses from her insults.

In the present, Lied explains that when he came too, the Pot of Ending was gone, and he continues to cry in Iruma's lap over his experience. He says that Elizabetta wasn't acting the way she normally does, and Iruma says that perhaps it was an illusion of her. This statement surprises Lied as Iruma explains how he went through something traumatic as well under the surface, and Lied realizes the illusion was magic from another student. Sure enough, the illusion of Elizabetta was a disguise wore by Coco, who stole the pot. He says that while he doesn't know what Lied saw when he attacked him, he and Iruma now have no points. He does admit he was surprised Iruma returned from the cave though.

Iruma tells Lied that they should meet up with Elizabetta to confirm if it was her or not, which Lied agrees too with high hopes. He pulls out his headphones, a game, and a book and says to leave it all to him to find her. Back during Lied's training with Robin, Robin subjected him to training where he would do several things simultaneously while trying to steal Robin's senses at the same time with his Bloodline Magic. He admitted it was hard to do at first, but now that he is so used to it he can max his focus and psyche himself up.

He successfully locates Elizabetta's location, but is super shocked when he realizes she and Clara are in a hot spring together, making him even more excited.

Chapter 129

At the hot spring, Elizabetta and Clara talk about how relaxing it is, with a third person, Kerori, agreeing. It is revealed that Kerori's beasts found it and no one else knows about it. Elizabetta does say she is worried about someone finding them, but Kerori reassures her that they have guards, so no one will be able to hear them. Little did she know that Lied was listening on their conversation with his Bloodline Magic, but Lied is super excited that he came across the girls of their class in such a state, though he does wonder why they are meeting with Kerori. He continues to listen to them talk about their appearances and how grateful he is to have his Bloodline Magic.

Elizabetta then says they should get down to the reason they are at the hot spring, and asks why Kerori wants to work with her and Clara. Kerori says that in exchange for showing them the spring, she wants them to join in her plan. Lied starts wondering what plan Kerori is talking about but because he is only listening, he can't fully confirm if the Elizabetta that is talking is the real one. To fix this problem, he decides to steal their vision, and he gets a nosebleed at the thought of being able to see them. He does try to justify this to himself by saying that he needs accurate information, which is why he will do this. Surprisingly though, Kerori says that she feels someone is peeking on them, which Elizabetta says only a pervert would do. This causes Lied to break his concentration and deny himself a pervert in frustration. When Iruma asks if Lied is okay, Lied says that they will go and confront Elizabetta themselves. He is surprised though when he notices Nafra's presence, as Nafra wanted to join them.

The three girls finish up their time in the hot spring and meet up with a depressed Kamui to ask about their progress. He says that they have the upper hand but the other side isn't giving in. When Elizabetta asks what he is talking about, Kerori says she will explain on the way. She says to her that she wants her to seduce the enemy as part of their partnership in exchange for part of the loot. Elizabetta wonders if she wants the Legendary Leaf or a boss class beast, but Kerori reveals she wants to conquer Goemon and Picero's castle for their ingredients.

Sure enough, Kerori and Kamui's beasts are at war with the students residing in Goemon and Picero's castle, as Kerori explains that she wants to claim the closest ingredients rather than something uncertain like the Legendary Leaf. She said she sent a warning to the castle demanding surrender, but is fully prepared to take it down if it means she can become the Young King.

Chapter 130

On the fourth day of the Harvest Festival, the many allies of Picero and Goemon that the fight with Kerori and Kamui's beasts has resulted in five injured and two withdrawn. They know Kerori wants their ingredients and they said they wouldn't harm them if they surrendered, but one of them, Konatsu, speaks up and says they can't do that, because just when they were about to withdraw from the competition out of fear, they found comfort and happiness within the castle, and they don't want to give that up at all. Picero is forced to watch them want to protect something that isn't even theirs with annoyance as Goemon says they are just all hyped. Picero says to him that he gave them permission to take their points and leave, they refused because they like the place so much. Goemon, however, suggests that Picero wanted to use the castle as a diversion to let them all escape safely and their allies saw that, so they should stick together; Picero reluctantly agrees.

At the main gate, Kamui is left impressed by the student's dedication, but he wonders if they can handle what he will throw at them next. Kamui thinks back to his training with Mr. Hat and how he told him his summoning abilities aren't as strong as Kerori's, so he will have to rely on using his words, as he humorously demonstrated by insulting his appearance. Kamui calls to the beasts and invigorates them by reminding them that Kerori took them in and treated them kindly when every other student would have hunted them for points, so they must rally together to repay her love and care.

As the beasts start advancing, Goemon appears generating wind with his sword. He thinks back to his training with Velar and how she told him to not think of the elements as tools to use, but things he can communicate with and ask for help. As a result, he was able craft various new techniques like Rescue Gale, which blows away all the beasts but keeping his allies safe. Kamui acknowledges this skill but is put off by all the girls who Goemon saved gushing all over him for his help. The beasts try to calm Kamui by reminding him of Kerori, but Kamui is unable to accept the site in front of him and summons several boss class beasts they tamed to bring an all out war.

All the while, Iruma and Lied can do nothing but watch this insane war take place.

Chapter 131

Despite the boss class beast's incredible strength, they are unable to break through the castle walls, as it was crafted though Picero's Bloodline Magic My Area, which allows him manipulate materials he perceives as the ground. This forces the beasts to only head for the entrance, but Goemon says they will take turns protecting the entrance. As castle army gathers hope, two come in severely weak and reporting that six men from the eastern troops have fallen. They ask what was it that attacked them and they say the enemy was very erotic, which confuses everyone.

Picero realizes Elizabetta has been using her Bloodline Magic, Full Love Gauge, at 60% to seduce their troops, even if she considers it unromantic. This leaves the girls on their side furious that the men would fall for something like that, and call the ones lured away stupid for it. They debate whether or not they should rescue them and Picero says it would be too risky, but he has faith they will be fine while praising Kerori and Kamui for working with Elizabetta and Clara.

True to his words, Elizabetta would merely have the men she charmed imprisoned. As she thinks about what to do next since Clara is off 'scouting', Elizabetta decides to head back out. She thinks back to her training with Raim and how she told her how if she uses her magic too much, even she will go out of control. She acknowledges this but wonders what would happen if she used it seriously, and started thinking about using it on her prisoners, but her attention is drawn to Iruma and Lied's sudden presence. Immediately, Lied asks what Elizabetta thinks of him, and she just says she likes him, which thrills Lied.

Iruma and Lied explain what happened but Elizabetta says she hasn't seen any pot, which confirms that the Elizabetta Lied saw was an illusion. Nafra gets their attention and tries to explain where the illusion must have came from, though he is annoyed when the three of them misinterpret his explanation. Elizabetta suggests they get a translator and approaches Kamui for his Bloodline Magic, which he happily agrees to. Following his conversation with Nafra, Kamui reveals that according to him, Orobus Coco is using his illusion magic to attack the Misfit Class, which worries everyone. Kamui heads off to warn Kerori while Elizabetta remembers that Clara went off alone, which worries Iruma.

Indeed, Coco manages to find Clara all by herself.

Chapter 132

It is revealed that many students believe Orobus Coco and the entire Orobus family are members of the Cult of Numerical 2, a cult that is rumored to worship the number two, even though there is no actual proof they exist. The students believe this about Coco because he always places in second in all the tests he took. But in reality, the Orobus Family are not affiliated, and Coco definitely does not enjoy coming in second, saying that it is just coincidence he does and he and his family are straightforward and honest, so the idea of being part of this cult scares him.

He overhears others talking about how the Misfit Class came in first in the theoretical and practical exams, and how jealous he is of them. He decides to improve his studying skills, win the Harvest Festival, and become the Young King to prove he doesn't earn second on purpose. He even chose to not use his Bloodline Magic, Trauma, to win if it meant he could ease everyone's opinions of him. Though he wanted that, he realizes he used it on Jazz, Iruma, and Lied, and beings to wonder why, but he gets snapped out of his thoughts buy his follower Ocho, who tells him he didn't do anything wrong and reassures him it is okay for him to use his magic, especially on Clara, who they see walking alone.

Clara ends up tripping while walking and hears a noise in a bush. Out from it comes Iruma, which excites her. She starts telling him that she was waiting for him and that she knew he would come, but just as she asks him to praise her, Iruma asks Clara for some juice, which shocks her. Iruma continues by saying that he will do her the favor of playing with her in exchange for the juice and Clara starts getting scared, reminding Iruma that he said he didn't need her to give him stuff in order to play with her, but Iruma says that he considers her super tiring after all, and that Alice and the others think so too. Clara tries to get him to stop but Iruma continues, saying her ability is convenient, and they should make good use of it or she will be all alone again. Just as tears star welling up in Clara's eyes, an arrow strikes Iruma, as Clara realizes the 'Iruma' she was talking too was actually a plant monster. Clara looks up and sees Iruma riding a beast with his bow and arrow, and he calls out to her.

Chapter 133

Lied uses his Bloodline Magic to locate Clara and learns Coco and Ocho have found her. Realizing the danger of Clara falling for Coco's magic, Iruma prepares to head to her location, though on foot he won't be able to get there on time. Kerori appears and offers him and Lied beasts to ride, which he happily accepts, though this means he owes Kerori again. Running out of magic, Lied uses his last resort "One-Shot Focus" and manages to locate her. They ride up a large root and see her being attacked by a plant monster, but from their distance they would not be able to reach her. Iruma thinks back to Bachiko and he forms an arrow which he fires and hits the monster successfully. He thanks Bachiko for teaching him to be an archer as he reunites with Clara.

Clara starts crying to Iruma about what she witnessed as Coco finally appears before him. He angrily says he keeps getting in his way and he must destroy all of the Misfit Class in order to become the Young King. He yells that he will subject them to "Trauma" so powerful they will never recover from it, but before he can cast it, he is attacked from the side by Alice, who says that he won't let him lay one finger on his friends.

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