Volume 16 is the sixteenth manga of the Mairimashita! Iruma-kun series. It contains Chapters 134-142, and features Orobus Coco and Iruma Suzuki.

Publisher's Summary

In exchange for retirement, Asmodeus saved Iruma and Clara's predicament. In response to everyone's wishes, can Iruma win the harvest festival at the harvest festival...?


  • Chapter 134 - Entrusted Feelings
  • Chapter 135 - The End of the Harvest Festival
  • Chapter 136 - The Legendary Leaf
  • Chapter 137 - The Winner
  • Chapter 138 - Conditions to Bloom
  • Chapter 139 - Praise
  • Chapter 140 - Welcome Home
  • Chapter 141 - Dear Friends,
  • Chapter 142 - Exposure

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 134

After striking Coco, Alice apologizes to Iruma for the wait. Soon after, Alice is announced as disqualified for attacking Coco. Coco gets back up and tells Alice he messed up and this is the end of the Harvest Festival for him. He continues to laugh at his inability to be the Young King before Alice strikes him again. He says he doesn't care he got disqualified because all he wants is to be Iruma's spear. He does threaten to burn off Coco's head should he try to attack Iruma or the Abnormal Class again. Before Alice goes to the withdrawal tent, he sees Iruma and Clara grabbing his uniform saying they don't want him to go. Iruma says they may go easy on him, but Alice decides to entrust Iruma with his feelings and faith he will win (plus he is already Rank 4 so he doesn't have to keep playing). He then says they should go to his house and celebrate, which they happily agree to.

After Alice leaves, Iruma and Clara notice Lied and Nafra crying from the noble sight of Alice's sacrifice. The beasts Kerori and Kamui lent return to her as the two of them prepare to reclaim the pot from Coco, but when they turn to face him, they find he was nowhere to be seen. The reason for this was because Ocho carried Coco away when no one was watching, wanting him to win because they already submitted the Pot of Ending. Coco says he can't gather points in his condition, but Ocho offers his rare ingredients he gathered in secret, saying he is content seeing only him win and not the Abnormal Class.

Iruma and Lied start panicking that they may not be able to win at all because with out the pot, they can't grow the seed. The two of them are also exhausted and the festival is almost over. Iruma says they should still try since they have so many people who entrusted their feelings to them, so they can't afford to despair. Lied points out his leg is injured but Iruma insists, because giving up now would be too frustrating, which someone else agrees with.

Iruma and Lied are surprised by the new voice and turn to see a teacher appear from a bush. The four students try to say they aren't withdrawing but the teacher says 'they' feel the same, so 'they' came up with a plan. He says that those who think they have already won are the easiest to deceive, and if they trick you, you trick them back. He says this as he removes his face and reveals himself to be Allocer Schneider, who says the most cunning ones are the winners in the end.

Chapter 135

On the second day of the Harvest Festival, after Jazz was disqualified, the two of them made their way to the withdrawal tent. Jazz apologizes to Schneider for losing his cool, but Schneider says this is advantageous to the two of them, being able to go the withdrawal tent that is. Jazz may have been disqualified, but Schneider is safe, and even though the two were a team, the Harvest Festival is an individual competition. On top of that, there is no rule saying those who are competing can't go into the tent, which is what Schneider is hoping to take advantage of.

The two proceeded to gather information from the withdrawn students to achieve revenge on Coco. Schneider disguised himself and relayed information to Jazz regarding his position. This was so, when he tried to submit the pot, the one who took it was Schneider himself rather than an actual teacher. In the present, Schneider presents the Pot of Ending to his classmates and he surprisingly gives it to Iruma and Lied. They ask why and Schneider says there is not much time left so it is pointless for him to have it. He also adds he would have rather won alongside Jazz than alone. He tells Iruma to make the Abnormal Class win, as the TV at the withdrawal tent goes off.

At the tent, Jazz is interrogated by the Student Council while Ameri admires how well Jazz and Schneider used the withdrawal tent to their advantage and how well a team the two are. She admits the Misfit Class have demonstrated the greatest growth out of all the students in the Harvest Festival, so she wouldn't be surprised if one became the Young King. She then said it is time for the Harvest Festival to come to a close.

Ichiro, Niro, and Sabro continue to look for ingredients as the brothers ask Sabro if it was okay to let Alice off on his own like that. He said it was because Alice was pursuing his ambition he felt no need to stop him, and he will continue onwards to become Demon King. As he says that though, he finally falls asleep, with a total of 45,000 points.

At the castle, Kerori finds she can't take the castle because of how tough it is and she keeps losing men. She realizes she can't win with just her offerings, but then the beasts offer themselves to her to use as points as payment for accepting them as her comrades. Kerori refuses though, saying that no matter how successful she is, it won't matter if her servants are with her. She congratulates them as she finishes with 36,800, while Kamui finishes with 22,500 and Elizabetta finishes with 20,700.

After Kerori's side retreats, the students inside the castle celebrate their victory. To Picero and Goemon's surprise, the students offer all of their ingredients to the two of them as thanks for everything. Goemon was a little hesitant, but the students insisted since they were close to retiring anyway, and they feel like family. The both of them accept their offerings and finish with 32,300 each.

Back with Iruma and Lied, the two prepare to bloom the Legendary Leaf.

Chapter 136

Suzy announces that the festival will end soon, and everyone's final score will include the points for ingredients in their current possession at the moment the festival ends. They will not be able to harvest anymore after time is up; Balam will make sure of it.

Lied and Iruma put the seed and the pot together, but nothing happens. As they wonder what else they have to do to make it bloom, Lied reminds Iruma that the forest they are in was created by Suzy, and the festival is essentially the culmination of everything the first-years have learned. With that in mind, he thinks back to Suzy's first lesson and how they used the incantation "Kuan Kuan" to bloom their flowers. Lied tries to use his magic while saying "Kuan Kuan" to make it blossom, but nothing happens. The two of them start panicking about what to do now, but their attention turns to Nafra who pours water on the seed, causing it to start glowing.

This time, Iruma and Lied try saying 'Kuan Kuan' to make the leaf bloom, but they realize they don't have enough magic to do so. Iruma considers setting the Ring of Gluttony to 'Ifrit' mode, but Arikured silently tells him not to because he is at his limit and if he releases any more, he will most likely disappear. Iruma says they may need to borrow some magic, but the magic provided by Nafra doesn't seem to be enough. Iruma notices Clara though and sees her overflowing with magical energy, which she absorbed from her constant playing. Iruma extends his hand out to her for help, and she happily agrees to lend her strength. The both of them shout 'Kuan Kuan' as dark wings appear from the seed, and for a brief moment, Iruma felt the presence of Demon King Derkila around him saying 'so it's you?'

The image of Derkila disappears as Iruma and Lied look at the Legendary Leaf. Unfortunately for them, it doesn't look as amazing as they thought. Suzy then announces the festival has ended.

Chapter 137

Now that the festival has ended, all students return to the starting point, with some submitting ingredients. Several students observe the Abnormal Class and the aura they were emitting. Eventually, Iruma and Lied arrive with the Legendary Leaf, but its ridiculous appearance leaves the others, even the Abnormal Class, a little unsure.

To Iruma and Lied's surprise though, Suzy and Balam immediately run over to them and confirm that they have indeed found the Legendary Leaf, as the stupid-looking shape and annoying face are exactly as it is described in the books they read. Relieved that they managed to harvest it, Iruma and Lied celebrate with their classmates. The judges ask how they will divide the points since Clara and Nafra were with them, but the two refuse to accept any points since they were just helping. Both Iruma and Lied are awarded 50,000 points each, but as much as the judge would like to crown them the winners, the one who is in first is Coco, as the ingredients he collected all total 58,000 points.

Coco is announced the winner of the Harvest Festival, to everyone's shock. Even Coco felt uneasy, for even though he wanted to win, he doesn't feel relieved in the slightest, wondering if using his Bloodline Magic and taking the ingredients Ocho collected was the right thing to do at all. Similarly, Iruma started to feel frustrated, because even though at first he just wanted to please Bachiko, he has demonstrated his archery skill and successfully found the Legendary Leaf, and now he knows how it feels to be disappointed because of how badly he wanted to win.

Suddenly, Jazz raises his hand and objects to these results. Jazz says he believes there is a miscalculation because prior the judges announced the Pot of Ending was worth 20,000 by itself. The judges realize they were so caught up in admiring the Legendary Leaf they forgot to count the pot, so by dividing the 20,000 to 10,000 each, the total Iruma and Lied have is 60,000, which makes them the true winners of the Harvest Festival.

Coco watches as he goes from first to third, but even though he didn't win, he felt extremely relieved. Coco realizes his obsession with the Abnormal Class was that he was jealous because he always placed second. Now he knows he wasn't only just jealous, but he respected them.

Chapter 138

Coco walks over to Iruma and Lied and bows his head to them in apology, saying he let his desire for victory cloud his mind. The both of them forgive him, saying he was only giving his all like themselves, and he didn't even break the rules. Lied also adds that Jazz and Schneider got back at him, and Iruma praises how strong his Bloodline Magic is. Coco is then approached by the other students, who praise him for placing third even though they thought he was close to coming in second. Coco finally confesses he never wanted to end up in second, which causes everyone to apologize for thinking he was a member of that weird cult and they should all go to the after-party together.

Ameri approaches Iruma to congratulate him for his victory, but as she nervously asks if he has something for her, Nafra walks over to her, and Ameri commends him for a job well done. Iruma asks if Ameri knows Nafra and she reveals that she recently scouted him as a new member of the Student Council, which shocks Iruma and Lied. Suzy further explains that Nafra was a part of the management team and he joined the Harvest Festival as a secret character. His job was to provide the watering can to bloom the Legendary Leaf, but only to those who saved him from the trap he was in previously. Suzy adds that they have someone help out every year. Iruma and Lied are left super surprised at this revelation as they hear another voice say the requirements are wickedly annoying. The two agree before realizing the voice came from the Legendary Leaf itself, scaring everyone.

The Legendary Leaf explains that its lazy appearance was due to the low possibility of someone being able to make it sprout, which is most likely due to the insane requirements to obtain it. Everyone says that the quest to claim it is complete crap. Nevertheless, the Leaf explains that everything they went through during the quest, showing compassion without expecting anything in return, changing the absurd into fun, listening to one's own desires, and fighting for them without getting tiring or giving up, was all to find the least demon-like demon. After it finishes, the Leaf detaches itself from the stem and floats into the air while growing larger. The Leaf yells that it will show them a flower never before seen in the Demon World, and it explodes into a giant Sakura Tree. Everyone admires it (except Iruma and Lied, as they had previously seen on before).

Sullivan comes in and hugs Iruma while congratulating him for winning. He says that the person who created the Harvest Festival most likely wanted to show everyone the beautiful sight before them. He dodges Iruma's question regarding it by granting both him and Lied capes and crowns, as he says it is time for the award ceremony.

Chapter 139

At the award ceremony, Iruma and Lied are promoted to Rank 4 for being able to harvest over 100,000 points and making the Legendary Leaf bloom. Kalego then takes the microphone to hand out rank promotions based on the leaderboard results. He promotes Coco to Rank 3 before telling him to see him afterwards so he can tell him something. As the other students tease Coco for being third, Kalego announces that Sabro is promoted to Rank 3 as well, adding that Alice could have been promoted to Rank 5 had he not been disqualified, but he doesn't care because he is the same rank as Iruma now. Kalego finishes by promoting the Dorodoro Brothers from Rank 1 to Rank 3.

Dali then takes the microphone from him and reveals they take student actions into account. He starts by promoting Picero and Goemon to Rank 3 for building a strong base and helping other students, which severly reduced the number of withdrawn students. Kerori and Kamui are promoted next to Rank 3, for building an empire of beasts never before seen and demonstrating great charisma and leadership. Elizabetta is also promoted to Rank 2 for working with them and showing the extent of her full power. Sullivan concludes this to be the end of the announcements and officially declares the festival over.

The students talk among one another as the tutors of the Abnormal Class approach their students to congratulate them (the only exception being Furfur, who laughs at Jazz for getting disqualified and Schneider for not getting promoted, as he had the lowest amount of points in his class with 12,800). Iruma and Lied try to find their masters to thank them, but Iruma is surprised when Bachiko jumps on his back. She first scolds him for recklessly eating all his ingredients on the first day and calls him a stupid student before telling him he did a good job, which makes him super happy.

Chapter 140

With the Harvest Festival finally over, the students of Babylus start partying in the school auditorium. Chefs bring out various dishes as they notice a rather large crowd. The crowd was a result of the many students wanting to see the Young Kings of the festival, Iruma and Lied. Surprisingly, both Alice and Clara were on stage as well, holding onto Iruma. Lied asks why they are up on the stage and Iruma claims it was hard for him to let go of them, but Lied could tell he was just lonely, which makes sense after his ordeal in the cave.

Alice and Clara yell that if someone wants an audience with Iruma, they will have to go through them first. Lied says that they are acting too excited while also pointing out he is a Young King too, but Alice reacts with indifference. Jazz pops up and says Lied lacks magnificence, which is why no one is paying attention to him. Alice sees Jazz and asks if was talking to the Dorodoro Brothers prior. As it turns out, the Dorodoro Brothers found out that Alice and Sabro did NOT have the same master as them, and after learning their master taught Jazz and Schneider, they decide to talk with them about how wonderful their master is. Unfortunately, Jazz and Schneider are unable to relate to them due to having undergone a very different experience with Furfur prior to the festival, so he just left.

Sabro arrives saying the brothers were looking for Furfur, and the ensuing confusion allowed him to slip past Balam because he was lecturing him for using his Evil Cycle so quickly. Sabro then points to his side and reveals Kerori has been clinging to him for a while. She gets found by Kamui and her previous subordinates, who all proclaim her as their queen like during the festival. However, now that Kerori has sobered up, she no longer wants to be addressed as such. On the other hand, Elizabetta is treated like a queen and being presented with various food items. Picero and Goemon later find Kerori, with Picero wanting revenge for their war prior, so they leave their current company.

Balam meets up with Kalego and comments that the Abnormal Class is very lively, and that Kalego isn't silencing them like he normally would. Kalego says that the class took the Harvest Festival seriously and challenged themselves to show the results of their training, so he will allow some celebration. Balam says Kalego is too strict and he should praise them once in a while, but Kalego says they will get full of themselves if he does. He starts thinking about the next lectures and homework to give them, when suddenly he finds himself in his familiar form surrounded by his students. Kalego gets angry at Iruma for this but all Iruma can say is that they asked him and he couldn't refuse. The other students notice their rowdiness and say things are always lively around Iruma.

Iruma heads home after parting with Alice and Clara, and says it felt nice to be able to talk to everyone like before. He realizes how normal that sounded as he looks up to the moon. Opera appears behind him and tells him he will get a cold if he stands outside for too long. Opera asks Iruma how the party was just as Sullivan runs over to him and picks him up. He tells him they have a party planned for him, though Opera reminds him he has something he wants to talk with him about. Before that though, Sullivan commends Iruma for his efforts during the festival, and the two of them welcome him home. Iruma happily goes with them, saying he is indeed home.

Chapter 141

Just like he said before, Alice invites Iruma and Clara over to his house for their own personal celebration. Iruma presents a gift for Alice as he turns around to notice Clara all decked out in various gear as she runs off to do whatever. The two of them proceed to look through the house and admire the fanciness of it all, but then Clara climbs onto a large pot. Iruma tells her to get off because Alice will get angry, but he says he won't, because now that he and Iruma and Rank 4 and Clara is only Rank 3, he considers her beneath him, so he won't trouble himself with her rambunctious nature. Iruma tries to calm her down but she demands he give her his badge so she can write "3" on it and make it so they were the same before. Alice takes Iruma away and offers tea to him, just as Clara reveals she played with a small Iruma during the festival. The two of them get into an argument as David comes in to inform them the tea is ready.

After a while of eating and playing video games with each other, Iruma walks off to use the bathroom. While walking alone, he says playing with Alice and Clara is a lot of fun for him. He acknowledges them as his friends, and yet he has kept secret from them that he is human. He has chosen to live in the Demon World, so he feels obliged to tell them the truth about himself. He fears, however, that they will reject him, like his hallucination showed in the cave. Even worse, they may want to eat him if their demon instincts kick in.

He gets ambushed by Amaryllis, who jumps on him and hugs him closely to her. She says Alice intentionally left her out of his little party, as she reveals she had the feeling Alice invited Iruma, so she flew all the way home to see herself. She asks what he meant about the thing he wants to tell them, having overheard him. Sitting together in another room, Amaryllis learns Iruma is keeping a secret from her son, even if she doesn't know what it is. She asks if it is okay he doesn't tell them, but Iruma says he feels he should. Amaryllis raises the question if he should tell his friends 'everything'. Like how 'love' to her is when both sides are happy, he doesn't have to hurt himself trying to tell them everything, seeing that demons are sexier when they aren't restricted. She does ask if keeping a few secrets will prevent them from being friends, but Iruma has no answer.

Amaryllis meets up with Alice as she reveals she decided to dress Iruma up in his old clothes, which both embarrasses him and leaves him confused how she found out. She walks off to get more clothes as Alice tries to stop her, but before he can go, Iruma tells Alice and Clara he wants to tell them something. After they sit down, Iruma tells Alice he felt relieved when he rushed to his side near the end of the Harvest Festival and thanks him for protecting the two of them. To Clara, he thanks her for helping him bloom the Legendary Leaf and believing in him after being hit with Coco's Bloodline Magic. He tells the two of them that he considers them precious to him, and he is really happy to have them as friends. The two of them happily embrace him for his kind words.

Iruma says that for now, all he wants the two of them to hear is what he wants them to hear: his true feelings. He hopes to tell them everything one day while the three of them can smile and laugh. Amaryllis then returns, scaring Alice.

Chapter 142

Ocho approaches a mysterious person to deliver his report. He says that among the first year students at Babylus, he confirmed a number who could potentially return to origins, and those from the Abnormal Class have the biggest potential. The mysterious person, who turns out to be Baal, asks him how he ended up in a state where he is severly bleeding.

In a flashback, it shows that after the festival ended, Ocho started to leave the forest saying he has all the info he wants and that the festival is fun. He also mentioned it was easy for him to sneak in and he altered Coco's memory a tad to erase any sign of his presence. He excitingly says he was number two, revealing that the Cult of Numerical 2 is real and he is a devote follower. He also said supporting a 'false number one', referring to Coco, was a pleasure for him. He then says he will return to Baal to report.

However, out of nowhere, he gets pierced through the gut by a magical arrow, fired by Robin. Robin reports he shot the target to Kalego, who tells him to keep firing. Ocho wonders how they found him with his anit-recognition magic as Robin says that with Balam's Bloodline Magic in effect and him searching, they managed to find their target. Kalego says Babylus doesn't reject anyone, but those who sneak in uninvited to cause trouble will be dealt with.

Ocho managed to escape with his life, but he starts shouting that he won't forgive them for what they did to him. Baal stops him from his rant by putting his foot on his head, telling him he is getting blood everywhere. Baal asks about Iruma and Ocho hands him a recording from a bug he secretly planted on his clothes. Ocho says he was a sight to behold when he fell into the abyss after being hit with "Trauma". He brings up his desperate face, but he himself gets his face grabbed by Kirio, who angrily asks him what he did. Ocho just says he gathered information, but Kirio wants to know if he stole him for his own amusement. From the recording, they here his voice where he confirms himself to be human.

Baal said his suspicions about Sullivan entering the Human World illegally were correct after Iruma popped up, and that the whole thing is interesting. He then turns to Kirio and reminds him to not make a mess of the floor. It turns out, the minute Kirio heard Iruma say he is human, he started to salivate. He says he had been looking for a way to make him despair after he told him he wouldn't. He wonders if he ate Iruma, would he be able to fight despair in that moment. As Kirio salivates in ecstasy, Baal says the Demon World's peaceful days will soon come to an end. He continues by saying the Harvest Festival was just a small game, and he will create a world where the weak will be eaten. He says it is time to start an exciting hunt.

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