Volume 17 is the seventeenth manga of the Mairimashita! Iruma-kun series. It contains Chapters 143 - 151, and features Naberius Kalego in his familiar form and Iruma Suzuki.

Publisher's Summary

A group of problematic students are aiming to win the music festival by uniting together. However, in order to do so, the cooperation of a certain devil is indispensable...!


  • Chapter 143 - Heartfelt Cooking Lesson
  • Chapter 144 - Buddies
  • Chapter 145 - The Teacher's Banquet
  • Chapter 146 - Disturbed Demon World
  • Chapter 147 - Another Demon
  • Chapter 148 - Purson Soi
  • Chapter 149 - Pixie's Melody
  • Chapter 150 - Selfish
  • Chapter 151 - The 13 Challengers

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 143

Iruma reads out Hatsukoi Memories.

After finishing the day's reading lesson, Ameri comments that it felt so intense with all of Iruma's gestures. Iruma says it had been a while, so he felt fired up (and also the high-pressure acting in Thoth's ruins left an impact on him). Ameri reads the chapter and mentions how nice it is to make sweets like the characters in the manga. Iruma overhears, and Ameri says that while she would love to make some, she is forbidden from entering the kitchen in her home. Iruma offers Ameri to come to his house, which she happily accepts.

Ameri and Iruma start their baking.

In the kitchen at Iruma's home, Iruma thanks Opera for getting everything ready. After Opera leaves, Ameri apologizes for any trouble she has brought, but Iruma reminds her he invited her, and he is looking forward to making sweets because he hasn't done so before. Little did they know that Opera was lurking by the door, just to see how well they will manage by themselves, though they believe they will be fine since the recipe is in front of them. Iruma reads the recipe and sees it says to knead the butter before adding sugar.

Iruma puts in the whole flour.

However, Iruma ends up throwing the whole pan of butter into the bowl, leaving Opera shocked that he didn't measure. Ameri doesn't do much better, pouring in an entire bag of sugar because she heard sweets have more sugar than they think, unaware of the limits. It doesn't take long for Opera to realize the two of them have no knowledge of cooking, which is true for Iruma because he took whatever he had and cooked it when he was trying to survive. As for Ameri, she tried to make something for her father, but it was so bad it was what caused him to banish her from the kitchen.

Iruma and Ameri's disastrous "cookie".

Opera continues to watch Iruma as he add eggs with the shell still intact on it, as well as Ameri beating the dough very roughly as it also destroys the table she's whisking it onto. As the two carry on with baking weird confectionery ingredients, they eventually cause a huge explosion. As a result they have created monstrous concoction of which they think of it as a proper baked biscuit. Opera finally comes up and told Iruma and Ameri that they know nothing about baking cookies, and in order to cook properly, one needs to follow proper procedures and put care and heart into it. Opera tells the two they're willing to teach them, which they both agree to.

Opera is greatly exhausted after the event.

The butler then strictly oversees and observes Ameri and Iruma, making sure both didn't put and include things that aren't part of the recipe or had done anything eccentric with the baking procedures. This time, the cookies are finally done and ready to be eaten (though it took a toll to Opera after being extremely and obviously in an exhausted state). Iruma and Ameri glee in happiness as they celebrate having successfully managed to bake such delicious biscuits, looking exactly from Hatsukoi Memory they previously just read. Without a second thought, Opera staggers and goes outside to cool off his fatigue, but made sure they've told Iruma and Ameri to wrap up their aforementioned cookies with supplies found near them.

Iruma receives a proper gift from Ameri.

Iruma then contemplates and tries to figure out who to give the cookies to before turning to face Ameri and asking her who she will give her cookies to. Ameri jolts on this question, but collected herself and then approaches Iruma and props him up so they could face each other as equals. She gifts him with her cookies saying it is her gift as congratulations for placing first in the Harvest Festival. This made Iruma very happy, as he didn't expect such present.

Later, the two ask Opera to teach them how to make hamburgers, much to their dismay.

Chapter 144

Iruma asks Sullivan to buy something for him, making him cry tears of joy for being asked to buy something for once. Opera asks what Iruma wants.

Later, Iruma pays a visit to Lied's home, revealing that the thing he wanted was a brand new video-game, which is what Lied was hoping for so the two of them could play together. Lied invites Iruma into his room though he tells him to be quiet to not disturb his older sister. The two grab some sodas and toast to being the Young Kings of the Harvest Festival.

The two turn on their games and start designing characters for themselves. Iruma almost picks teenager for himself, but Lied tells him to pick adult. Iruma asks if that is okay and Lied says it is since they are the Young Kings. They do both admit it is hard to tell when you can call yourself an adult though. The two proceed to pick a partner, with Iruma picking a cat creature, thinking of Opera, and Lied picks a dragon partner because he considers dragons to be strong. The two start playing, but Lied asks Iruma what kind of girls does he likes; a flustered Iruma asks why he would bring that up. Lied continues saying girls with longer tails are sexier, and Iruma yells he didn't ask about that.

Lied asks if Iruma is even a little interested in girls since he is a guy himself. Iruma tries to deny, but Lied believes he is lying and to not feign innocence on him. Lied goes under his bed and pulls out an erotic magazine, which causes Iruma to try to push it away saying he doesn't need to see it. Lied insists on giving it to him and saying he must have some himself. Iruma said he has but it was to burn them (to keep himself warm when he slept outside in the Human World). Eventually, their arguing ends up disturbing Lied's older sister, who barges in and tells him he is being too noisy because she had a Sabbath last night and is still hungover. She angrily grabs his tail saying he looks like he is having fun leaving her alone, but stops when Lied tells her Iruma is here. She sees him, and immediately runs out to change in a dress. She introduces herself as Shakky and flirts with him, even asking if he has an older brother. Lied, though embarrassed, manages to push her out of his room. However, she returns with an even fancier dress after she remembers Iruma is Sullivan's grandson.

Lied eventually manages to get his sister out of his room and ties her up so she can't bother them again. He scolds her for trying to entice him because Iruma is naive, and Shakky says Lied is being overprotective. Lied says he thinks of Iruma as a little brother, and he needs to keep watch on him so he doesn't get into trouble, though Shakky says he said something similar about Clara. She admits she believes he has changed, because before she considered him a loner who cared for nothing before. Now that he is collecting multiplayer games and acting cool, she deduces he likes his classmates, which Lied confirms. He leaves her a bottle of water and tells her to go to sleep as he leaves. Afterwards Shakky muses on how much her brother has changed.

After Lied returns to the room, Iruma shows him the character he made and thanks him for helping. He tells Lied that they were able to win the Harvest Festival because the entire class helped, especially him since they were a team. He also admits he has taught him many things, so he thinks of him as a little brother. Unfortunately, this upsets Lied because he considers Iruma the little brother between the two, yet Iruma insists otherwise. Then Shakky yells for Lied to get her some food.

Chapter 145

The teachers of Babylus gather at a Demon World bar called Brawl Inn in order to have their own celebration for a successful Harvest Festival. Bars Robin sees that Orias Oswell and Naberius Kalego haven't arrived yet, and the teachers say Oswell doesn't drink and they weren't expecting Kalego to show up anyway. To everyone'e surprise, he appears alongside Balam Sicirue. They all say Kalego looks out of place being here, but it turns out Dali asked Sicirue to catch him when he was going home, and Robin asks him to praise him for organizing the party.

As they all sit down, Kalego immediately orders the most expensive wine on the menu the minute he learns it is all on Sullivan's tab, with Sicirue saying he can handle the liquor. One teacher shows Kalego various side dishes to order, stopping when he mentions various chicken dishes as he knows Kalego's familiar form resembles a chick. Robin asks him what is wrong with chicken while calling him plain, but Sicirue corrects him by saying his name is Marbas March, and he teaches torture arts, which surprises Robin. Sicirue asks if March has any siblings, and he says his sister is the manager of an Akudol i.e. Mal. Everyone's attention then turns to Morax Momonoki and her grandfather, who is trying to keep her from drinking as he is worried of the men around her. Despite putting up a defense, Robin bypasses him and moves Momonoki near Kalego, causing her to blush heavily. Robin asks what she was like as a newcomer, and she says Kalego was in charge of training her, similar to Robin being trained by Kalego. Robin asks Kalego who trained him, and Dandalion Dali says it was him.

Several teachers vote he is either lying, joking, or drunk, but Sicirue confirms it is true. Dali says their first meeting was awkward because Kalego was unsociable, cold, and strict. Dali does admit Kalego's work was perfect, considering how newcomers book the drinking party and he got a high-class restaurant, but the atmosphere he admitted warded many people off. Dali then says he never expected Kalego to get along with the Abnormal Class. Kalego tries to deny but the teachers continue talking about how Iruma is the talk of the school, and all he has done. Robin says you can't leave the Abnormal Class alone and says teachers and students are like family.

Kalego immediately says to Robin that that is wrong, and Dali confirms by standing up and saying that the students of Babylus are the next future of the Demon World; they are considered treasure, and the teachers are the guardians, so the teachers must pledge their lives to protect their treasure from the enemies that would do harm. He then yells 'cheers!' and they all start drinking, leaving Robin speechless. Kalego expresses annoyance that Dali used the traditional Babylus teacher's motto as a lead in for a toast. He turns to Robin and tells him that was a teacher's philosophy, so he should remember it for the future, which Robin happily accepts.

The night goes on the party goes off without any incidents. At the end, Robin got baptized by the others by being responsible for getting all the passed out teachers home, much to his displeasure.

Chapter 146

Sullivan meets with Bachiko and praises her for her training since Iruma was able to achieve Rank 4 under her guidance. Bachiko accepts the praise as Sullivan continues saying she is just as strong as the members of the Thirteen Crowns. She humbly says the Thirteen Crowns are far superior compared to herself, the only exception being Paimon, whom she considers a bumpkin, even though Sullivan believes they get along.

Sullivan admits to Bachiko that because of her unsociable nature, he was unsure if she would accept his offer to tutor. Bachiko confesses she would have just gone home after meeting Iruma once, but now she considers him her best student. With their conversation done, Sullivan and Opera start cleaning up, but then Sullivan gets serious and activates an encrypted speech with Bachiko, which she kneels in response to listen. Sullivan informs Bachiko that the next Thirteen Crown's dinner has been postponed due to a number of increased cases of powerful demons going missing from various locations, such as Devilums and Battlefields. He says the cause is unknown, but he has a hunch that the ones responsible for this is Six Fingers. Bachiko believes he wants her to use her strength as a member of the Barbatos Family to fight back, only to be caught off guard when Sullivan says that is not the case. He says to her that when the Demon World is disturbed, that is when educators should focus on teaching the most, and to give students the best instruction to raise and protect them, the adults will bring peace back by properly guiding them. As such, Sullivan requests that Bachiko continue training Iruma, which she agrees too due to her admiration for his dignity. Sullivan then adds that Iruma is a human being; a statement that leaves Bachiko in shock.

Opera confirms this to Bachiko by revealing that the only people that knows (as far as they know) are Sullivan, themselves, and Balam Sicirue. Sullivan pats Bachiko's head and says he will respect her will, offering to erase her memory of the conversation or working together to protect Iruma. Before Bachiko can answer, Iruma wakes up and greets everyone in the room, only to be surprised when he sees Bachiko. Bachiko watches Opera and Sullivan walk over to Iruma as she says to herself that knowing Iruma is a human sits weirdly right with her. She says that because he isn't a demon, it just means he's the only one who can be his student, especially considering how hard they trained together. Bachiko decides that, whether or not Iruma is human, she will keep an eye on him. She does, however, occasionally cause him to be her servant, which doesn't sit well with Sullivan and Opera.

Iruma goes back to his room wondering why Bachiko scolded him, and he looks at the Ring of Gluttony wondering how long Arikured will sleep. He gets up and grabs his winter uniform, saying that the next event is the Music Festival.

Chapter 147

Iruma gets ready to go to school, though he finds himself extremely layered and unable to move as Sullivan wants to protect him from the cold and recent virus. He friends arrive though and he leaves with them, though with a few less layers.

Upon arriving at school, Alice hands Iruma some Anti-Recognition Glasses so they don't stand out and get surrounded like they were when they received Royal One. Of course, not every member of their class is avoiding being detected, particularly Lied, Goemon, and Kamui, who get surrounded themselves. Everyone eventually meets up in Royal One, with Lied complaining how crazy it all went when he went to show off, and Jazz says normally one is feared when they rank up, but he considers it good practice, especially in preparation for the next festival.

The next festival is the Music Festival, and it involves the students performing anything music related and possessing the most appeal will be made the winner. The Abnormal Class is determined to win this, especially since this is the last chance any of them have to all reach Rank 4 to avoid getting booted from Royal One. So far in the class, the ones who are Rank 4 are Iruma, Alice, and Lied, the ones that are Rank 3 are Clara, Sabro, Schneider, Jazz, Goemon, Picero, Kamui, and Kerori. The only one who is Rank 2 is Ix Elizabetta (even though the men would say otherwise). Lied yells that his master plan is to help Elizabetta stand out like crazy so that she can get double-promoted, keeping in mind promoting the ones who are Rank 3. Iruma, however, gets the weird feeling that they are forgetting something though.

Kalego comes in and yells at everyone to be quiet despite Lied tell him that they are strategizing how to make Elizabetta stand out. Kalego then asks about the other student, which catches everyone off guard. Kalego explains to everyone that there is one more person in this class, and he points to that person to which everyone looks to see. Just as they notice him though, he immediately disappears. Iruma recognizes him as Purson Soi, as Kalego tries to get everyone to remember that they had another classmate. Sure enough, Soi had been a member since the Flying Race, even participating in the Cannonball Execution, the acquisition of Royal One, and the Final Exam.

Nevertheless, now that the others are aware of his presence, they try to figure out how to make him stand out alongside Elizabetta. Kalego says that that is going to be difficult, as Soi's Bloodline Magic is called "Anti-Recognition", which makes him by nature a demon that "absolutely can't stand out", which leaves everyone shocked.

Chapter 148

Goemon asks Soi if he has any hobbies, but Soi starts to disappear from sight with his Bloodline Magic, forcing everyone to try to apologize for Goemon’s apparent ‘weird’ question. After getting Soi to not vanish, the class talk about how to convince him to co-star in their Music Festival Performance so they can keep Royal One.

Clara suggests to Soi they play together, offering to make their performance loud and exciting. Soi doesn’t respond to her offer, which ends up spooking her a bit. Sabro speaks up declaring they should put on a Demon King action musical, since the play he put on regarding the Demon King was popular during the Division Party. When Sabro mentions himself being the main role, Lied says Soi should have that role to help make him stand out. Sabro immediately turns down the idea. Alice decides to try to encourage Soi by giving him a lecture about how amazing Iruma is, but Soi starts to vanish to Alice’s annoyance.

Lied says that for this Festival, they need to put on a band, with Elizabetta and Soi as vocalists. He asks Elizabetta if she is on board and she confirms, saying she would enjoy it more alongside Soi. When Soi finally turns to look at everyone, the class all rush at him saying that the idea would work for him, also saying they need his help in order to make everyone Rank 4. To everyone’s displeasure though, Soi vanishes completely.

The class tries to figure out how else to convince Soi to get on board with their plan when they hear footsteps near the door. They assume Soi has left the room and they leave to find him, though Iruma is left behind. Iruma, however, suspects that Soi is still in the room, and his suspicions are confirmed when Soi reappears by a pillar. Soi vanishes again but Iruma decides to just speak to him without expecting him to talk back.

Iruma apologizes to Soi for not noticing him and even though they are in the same class, they have never talked before and prior no one really knew how to talk to him at all, which he feels is the reason they all jumped on him with their ideas. Iruma tells Soi that he doesn’t have to stand out if he doesn’t want to, and while he knows how hard it is to refuse when someone asks for something, he believes it is important to stick to what you want to do. He says that it is okay to be selfish now and then and so he just wants to know what Soi wants to do.

Soi reappears beside him and opens his mouth to speak. To Iruma’s extreme surprise though, Soi ends up giving a lengthy explanation of his feelings, saying he felt getting asked to perform along with everyone else was too sudden for him and he doesn’t know if he can just join in after all this time. He does explain that he kept disappearing out of nervousness because he didn’t know how to explain himself, and that talking to anyone completely goes against his family’s rules which makes him feel conflicted.

Chapter 149

Soi continues his lengthy explanation to Iruma about how he is supposed to stay unnoticed and being asked to play with everyone despite never talking to them once made him nervous, which is why he kept disappearing. Finally finishing his explanation, he disappears while saying goodbye to Iruma.

The class return to the room upset that they haven’t found Soi yet. Iruma reveals that he actually spoke with Soi when everyone was out, though he reveals that Soi is an extremely talkative person, which surprises everyone. Jazz asks Iruma what Soi said to him and Iruma says that he can’t stand out with them, which means they won’t be able to make him co-star in their performance. Some students lament losing Royal One as Iruma thinks about Soi’s words and how he said he likes to play music, causing him to wonder if he really is interested in performing.

As Soi walks down the isles of the school without being noticed, he admits to himself that it had been a while since he had last spoken with someone, so he slipped a bit. He reminds himself that he must keep his desire to talk to someone suppressed, since his family are demons that never stand out. Soi thinks back to a talk with his father and how he told him that the Pursons must always remain unnoticed. He also says that publicly they help develop detection warding magic tools but behind the scenes they provide clandestine services to the Demon World, and they must always remain “neutral” and never interfere in case ability were to cause unrest. Soi’s father concludes his talk telling Soi that since his brother is so well hidden that no one can find him, he must take his brother’s place as the next head of the family.

In the present, Soi festers about what his father told him before his mother appears to give him some advice. Soi’s mother understands Soi’s feelings, but he should see it as something to do for his father and for himself, which Soi accepts. Soi’s mother also adds that if he feels brimming with words and needs to release that pent up desire, he should channel that into a trumpet.

Sure enough, that is what Soi does. In fact, he always goes to the roof of the school and plays his trumpet at 5 pm, which everyone in school can hear. Though everyone refers to Soi as the “Pixie” because they have no idea it is him who is playing the music.

The Abnormal Class also hear Soi’s music, but due to not knowing the “Pixie” and Soi are the same person, they wish the Pixie would play with them, believing they could win the Music Festival with him by their side.

Chapter 150

In the Teacher’s lounge, Balam Sicirue hears Pixie’s music and says it is more passionate than usual, which Kalego says is because he most likely is releasing some stress (which Kalego had a feeling he had a hand in, also why he seemed to be smiling). Sicirue asks Kalego if he is going to tell the Abnormal Class that Pixie is Soi, but Kalego says that if the students try to push their own ideas without taking into account the skills and potential of those around them, they won’t get very far, so it is up to them to figure it out, not his job.

Up on the school roof, Soi says to himself he needs to release too many things he wants to scream out: starting with Kalego for exposing him to the entire class the way he did, because A. it scared him, and B. he feels the class will get mad if he doesn’t participate, even if he doesn’t think he can perform at all. Speaking of which, he says that the class ganging up on him was scary too, but when Iruma showed consideration, he felt very happy. He says that he could very much help with the Music Festival, but his status as a member of the Purson Family, he is not supposed to stand out, so he decides to never let anyone see him play music. Too bad for him though, Iruma sees him playing while peering out on the roof.

Soi attempts to vanish, but Iruma stops him and starts praising him for his incredible skill. Soi tries to cover himself by saying it was only stress relief, not practice for the Music Festival. He asks Iruma not to say anything, even adding the stupid excuse that he is only dreaming. Before Soi can leave though, Iruma grabs him and bows in apology to him. He admits he doesn’t know what Soi wants to do, and when Kalego announced his family can’t stand out and everyone started begging him to join, his troubled look caused Iruma to say to him that he shouldn’t have to force himself to do something he didn’t really want to do. But he confesses that when he saw him play, he felt so moved, and he knows he is being selfish to ask, but he wants everyone to hear Soi’s music; he feels he deserves to be acknowledged, so Iruma asks him to perform in the Music Festival with everyone.

Iruma’s request leaves Soi feeling confused. If he had said ‘do it for us’ or ‘it’s only for the festival’, he would have been able to flee. But now, he feels he can’t say anything at all, and he realizes he wants to be acknowledged by the school too. Without hesitating, he says to Iruma that if it okay to just play music, he will play with them, which excites Iruma. After calming down, Soi tries to figure out why he said that without thinking, and he sees that Iruma’s spirit has left him feeling influenced, even if he can’t believe it himself.

Chapter 151

All the students of the Abnormal Class wonder why Iruma called all of them together, especially at night. They all meet Iruma on the roof as they start hearing music, and they realize it is coming from the Pixie. Iruma asks Alice to give some light with his magic, which he does. Everyone is surprised to see Purson Soi standing on the roof as well with his trumpet, and the entire class realizes that Soi is the Pixie.

Iruma properly introduces Soi to everyone as they all notice Soi is hiding behind Iruma. Iruma says it is because everyone scared him earlier with their constant hounding, causing the entire class to apologize. Soi then whispers into Iruma’s ear and Iruma reveals Soi said he is nervous, though the class found it crazy he talked so much just to convey that.

Nevertheless, Lied steps up and offers to listen to whatever Soi wants to say. Soi immediately starts telling Lied how he has no sense of personal space, how he should clean up after himself after he eats ramen after school, to stop bringing indecent books to school, to stop leaving his clothes around because Goemon cleans up after him, and he keeps looking at Elizabetta way too much, which finally causes Lied to demand Soi stop. Soi turns to Schneider and reveals he went to a Sabbath with girls from another school along with Furcas’ daughter, which upsets Lied and Jazz because they thought Schneider wasn’t into that sort of thing.

Soi continues saying Sabro stayed overnight in Royal One without anyone’s permission and that Alice takes pictures of Iruma and Clara without them knowing. Iruma tries to get Soi to stop but Soi reveals that Iruma eats snacks in the middle of class. Jazz tells Soi to stop because he is starting to scare the girls, but he explains he respects women’s privacy, much to the guy’s frustration.

Soi’s constant talking eventually leaves everyone feeling ashamed, and Kerori admits that Soi definitely belongs with their group. As Lied says they should pretend this never happened, Jazz compliments him for his huge lung capacity, which he expected from the Pixie. Lied tells Soi that with him in the festival, they will most definitely win. Soi, however, explains that he will participate in the Music Festival but only if his two conditions are met. His first condition is that he will only help in the music part, but he doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. The second condition is that he doesn’t want to be known as the musician.

A moment of silence passes as Soi worries he chose the wrong moment to explain his conditions, and that his lack of communications skills has jeopardized their hope of success. To his surprise though, the others don’t look at him with disappointment, but with excitement. Lied says to Soi that if he has to give conditions like that, the entire class can’t help but take it as a challenge. Soi remembers that his class laughs in the face of hardship as Jazz says that when all the Abnormal Class sticks together, there is nothing they can’t handle.

A teacher appears wondering who is up on the roof at this hour, causing the entire class to flee, though Soi acknowledges how cool his class is.

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