Volume 2 is the second manga of the Mairimashita! Iruma-kun series. It contains Chapters 8 to 16, and features Iruma Suzuki and Asmodeus Alice.

Publisher's Summary

Contrary to his own intention, Iruma-san who continues to get great attention at the devil's school. I met a girl who doubted him as a "human"...!? Demon life is a big pinch!?


  • Chapter 8 - The Ring of Gluttony
  • Chapter 9 - Everyone has a Magic Lesson
  • Chapter 10 - Ameri's Theory
  • Chapter 11 - First Love Memory
  • Chapter 12 - Iruma's "Dream"
  • Chapter 13 - Iruma's Determination
  • Chapter 14 - A Striving Effort
  • Chapter 15 - Fierce Battle with the Cannonball Execution!
  • Chapter 16 - First Step Forward

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 8

After the flying race, different students are chatting, showing off their new ranks received from the ranking owl to one another. Alice received Rank 4 "Daleth", while Clara achieved Rank 3, "Gimel". Meanwhile, Iruma has instead pulled a strange golden ring from the owl. He quickly finds the ring won't come off, even as he pulls it as hard as he can.

He requests help from the other students, but they quickly back away in fear as he approaches. Iruma is initially confused, before he catches sight of a menacing shadow residing on his shoulder. He panics, and realizes it is coming from the ring on his hand. The shadow begins to scream, the wailing echoing throughout the entire school. Only Iruma is unaffected, as the rest of the student body collapses in pain. He attempts to silence the creature, but instead cradles it in his arms and accidentally rocks it to sleep.

It quickly awakes, and Sabro approaches, claiming that dealing with the creature will be a piece of cake. However a single touch to his nose is enough to to knock the demon out, collapsing where he stands. Next, Alice approaches, but with the same result. It is revealed that the creature is draining their magical energy. Kalego attempts to remove the ring, but is met with a powerful hallucination; the image of the creature ripping off his arm in a violent manner flashes before his eyes. He withdraws, shaken, realizing he it was given a warning. He decides to exterminate the creature, possible along with Iruma (or his arm), before being stopped by Sullivan.

The creature attacks, but Sullivan subdues it with a single tap, the ravenous hunger of the ring stopped in an instant. The ring is revealed to be called "The Ring of Gluttony", a powerful magic tool that can act as an artificial mana pool, but indiscriminately devours magical power from the demons around it. Hunger sated, however, it was now harmless, if irremovable from Iruma's hand.

Without a rank from the ranking owl, Iruma is given the rank of 1 (Aleph). Finally satisfied that he's received a reasonable evaluation, he leaves class unaware that even more exaggerated rumors of his adventures in Karakiri Valley begin to circulate.

Chapter 9

Even though Iruma is trying to keep a low profile because of his human nature, it is practically impossible because of all the attention Sullivan and Opera give him, especially after arriving at school in such a luxurious manner. The attention his friends Alice and Clara give him also is a little taxing, but he gets snapped back to his senses when Alice and Clara cheer him up when they saw him looking a little upset. Rather touched, they go to class.

Their first class of the day was in the School's Greenhouse Tower, and their lesson was taught by the head of Demonic Biology Stolas Suzy. She teaches her students to hold their hands above special seedlings and speak a spell called "Kuan Kuan" to make the seed blossom into a flower. Iruma decides to go with the flow because he doesn't have any magic, but his attention is drawn to some people observing them from above. Alice walks over to him and explains they are members of the Student Council and they have no doubt come to scout the first years now that they have their ranks. The students wonder if the person watching them was the president as their attention is drawn to Sabro's rather violent flower that only earns him a B+. Alice, on the other hand, creates a flower that is A+ material, causing a jealous Sabro to pour water on it. This leads to a fight between the two, while Iruma realizes people in the magic field stand out too. He turns to face Clara to see her plant, but is rather disturbed by how abstract it looked.

Iruma picks up his own pot and laments not being able to make it grow big due to him not having magic himself. He tries to make it grow anyway, but is genuinely surprised when it starts glowing. He gets a call from Sullivan via the phone he gave him and he reveals he charged his ring with his own magic, so now Iruma can use magic too. However, he does add he shouldn't use it yet because he can't control the output yet. Too bad it was too late, and as a result, the plant grows into a ginormous Sakura Tree.

Later, the Student Council President is alerted to what happened, and she says the tree isn't something that exists in the Demon World. She decides to confront Iruma about it, as she has been writing notes in her book regarding him and the possibility he is human.

Chapter 10

The purpose of the Student Council of Babylus is to keep order among the 666 students attending. Thankfully, the president, Azazel Ameri, who possesses incredible strength and inspires fierce loyalty from her subordinates cause her to be admired by the other students. After dealing with a student breaking the rules, she is informed by her subordinates that they haven't found Iruma yet. The students ask if Ameri believes humans exist, since she said something about them earlier. Most believe they don't, but Ameri thinks otherwise.

Ameri returns to her office and walks over to her bookshelf saying she has all the proof she needs to confirm humans exist. She places her hand on a seal and opens a special compartment of the library, revealing a series of forbidden books passed down by her family for generations. She opens one to read it. The 'forbidden books', however, are nothing more than a manga series called 'Sweet Time Memory', and while Ameri can't read the words, she finds the story from the pictures heart throbbing, unveiling a completely different side of her.

At night, Iruma is finishing up cleaning the mess left by students who came to admire the Sakura Tree he created. He ends up colliding into Ameri, who also ended up staying late because she was reading the manga, and the two knock each other down. Iruma walks over to Ameri and extends his hand to her asking if she is okay. Ameri is instantly reminded of the manga she read and the similar scenario and asks Iruma's name, which he gives. She connects the dots and adds the assumption he is using his 'abilities' to make her fall in love with him to deduce he is human as she grabs his face.

Chapter 11

Ameri manages to calm herself down enough to decide her next course of action. She decides to contact her father and have Iruma moved to a private institution to reduce any chance of threat befalling the school. Iruma, on the other hand, is left only confused by what is going on and if Ameri is angry or not. He tries to speak but she grabs his wrists under the assumption he is trying to use some innate ability on her. Iruma, however, feeling like she is angry, tries to lower his head in apology, but he ends up causing her to bow with him; both now are unable to figure out what to do next.

Suddenly, the 'Sweet Time Memory' manga Ameri brought with her falls out of her uniform, and Iruma picks it up. He surprisingly recognizes it as he had read it while he helped as an assistant during his time in the human world. Ameri sees him reacting but before she can say anything to him, she realizes Iruma can read the book. Iruma asks why the book is in the Demon World before he reminds himself who he is talking to. However, Ameri was more concerned about what the words in the book say. After he translates some parts for her, she immediately grabs him and drags him away.

At first, Iruma panicked that Ameri figured out he is human. To his surprise, she just brings him to her office and asks him to read the book to her. Iruma remembers Sullivan giving him the ability to read demon language, and figures out she can't read the story herself. Due to being a pushover, he agrees to read the words to her while trying to sound like the character. As for Ameri, she claims internally she is doing this to see if Iruma is human and NOT because she wants to know more about the book (though it is pretty obvious she does).

At the end of the session, Iruma realizes how dark it had become and how many texts were in his phone. Ameri takes his phone and puts her contact information in it. She tells him to come alone next time and not tell anyone where he is going before saying goodbye. Iruma asks Ameri for her name she introduces himself, and he in turn does too before leaving.

Alone in the Student Lounge, Ameri concludes that Iruma is indeed a human being and she must take appropriate measures as Student Council President, but as she looks at her collection of 'Sweet Time Memory' books, she decides to hold off until the story is finished to decide anything.

Afterwards, Alice tells Iruma that the Student Council President was searching for him, which shocks him.

Chapter 12

The next day, Opera gives Iruma his bag which he thanks him for (while also turning down a horse-drawn carriage ride). Before he leaves, Opera asks if Iruma wants to return to the Human World. Just as he is about to say he does, he does some thinking and compares his life now to what it was before; having a warm home, food, and friends in the Demon World and having jerk parents, forced to live in the wild, and being taken advantage of in the Human World. Now Iruma has no idea what he wants.

Opera says to Iruma that if he does want to return, he can try to obtain a high rank, which would give him the ability to go to the Human World. Opera tells Iruma that if he wants to live among demons, he will need to be prepared. He takes his words to heart as he runs before Sullivan shows up in the carriage.

At school, Clara plays around on Sabro's head while Iruma tries to relax. He thinks about what Opera said and says that ever since he came to the Demon World, he feels like he has been aimlessly drifting, yet he never thought about going back. Alice walks over to him and asks if he is okay, and Iruma says he is before he prepares to leave. Alice and Clara immediately tell him they will join him, but he tells them he has to do this thing alone. After he leaves, Sabro compliments Iruma's apparent restlessness while looking at a depressed Alice and an irate Clara. Alice wonders where Iruma has been going these past few days and Clara is upset he hasn't been able to play with her. Sabro suggests they follow him and Clara immediately accepts the idea, with Alice finding himself following her.

In another location, Ameri starts to leave her meeting when one member of the council asks where she is going. Ameri says she is going on a 'date', having learned about what it is from Iruma during their reading session. The students are confused by what she means and she hastily leaves before they ask what she means. Both Iruma and Ameri meet each other in front of the Student Lounge unaware that Alice and Clara have indeed followed him, wearing magical disguise glasses. Clara starts to get jealous but Alice points out she is the Student Council President. He assumes Iruma was scheming to control Ameri, which is why he believes he went on his own. Alice decides to just let Iruma meet with Ameri while holding Clara back from confronting them.

Inside the lounge, Iruma reads to Ameri volume 5 of the story. When he mentions the word 'dream', Ameri interprets it as 'Ambition'. Iruma asks Ameri if she has any dreams for the future, and she says to him that she is proud to be a demon and others should be proud too. She also wants to improve the quality of student's lives and make the school a learning establishment known only with admiration. She concludes by saying she wants to help her father after she graduates, and Iruma says her dream is amazing. Ameri asks Iruma if he has a dream, and he just says he is content with spending his days with good friends; Ameri immediately calls that empty idealism and all she cares about is ambition. She tells Iruma she wants to know if he has the willpower to seize what he wants and asks him one more time.

Outside, Clara and Alice argue about whether or not she should go in there.

Chapter 13

Iruma is stunned by Ameri's question and almost passes out from confusion. After he recovers, he admits he has only ever done what others wanted him to do, so he has never thought of doing something himself. Ameri says he should make one, but when Iruma says he doesn't know where to start, she suggests he try raising his rank since it is a student's duty. Iruma starts thinking about it before Clara finally comes in and drags Iruma away. Alice also comes in apologizing for interrupting. Ameri decides to release Iruma for the day and says to him that she will be waiting for the day he decides to raise his rank.

After returning home, Iruma thinks about what Ameri said. He says there may not be a point since he is human, but with her having these expectations, he decides to practice making his own goal. The next day, he tells Alice he wants to raise his rank and asks him for help. Alice bursts into tears of joy, believing Iruma was hiding his feelings when he initially thought Iruma wasn't interested in ranks. Alice immediately agrees to help him.

The three of them head down to the lower-level practice grounds. Down there, Alice explains to Iruma and Clara that in order for first years to raise their ranks, they must do well in a special 'Rank Advancement Class', and since the last one was the flying race, the next one will be 'Cannonball Execution'.

Cannonball Execution was described as a tournament for territory control, and they used creatures called 'Cayman' to fight, as the creature latches on to a target and chews away. Iruma says that is awful and Alice admits there were many causalities, so they just use a simple ball. He says that everyone must work together to conqure the territory, but to save time and costs, they decide to use a playing field as territory. Alice says they must attack opponents in the infield from the outfield, and they use curse puppet dolls to aid in the training. As they start playing, Iruma realizes how similar this tournament is to dodgeball.

The other students of the Misfit Class arrive and join in. Iruma sees them having fun and is surprised such a scene can occure in the Demon World. Just as he wonders if he can dodge, one immediately flies past him and demolishes a stalagmite. He turns around and see the one who threw it to be Sabro, who says the rules of the tournament might as well have been made for him. He throws one at Garp Goemon who cuts it in half with his specialty 'Reverse Sword Technique: Ogre Killer'. The two halves fly towards Picero and Kerori, but Picero raises the ground to block the ball while Kerori freezes it in a pillar of ice. Iruma, who watched what happened, retracts his previous statement and says the game isn't fun at all.

Iruma starts losing faith in his ability to successfully raise his rank and that he needs special training. Alice, who overhear, asks to confirm before revealing he won't be able to do it himself. Alice instead offers consulting another demon for training, who turns out to be Sullivan.

Chapter 14

Iruma asks Sullivan to help him train for the Cannonball Execution, which he happily agrees to. Sullivan tells Iruma to widen his stance and throw the ball while saying 'Riberia'. Iruma does so, and he ends up unleashing a huge dragon made of magic which flies into the sky along with the ball. Sullivan tells Iruma that that will ensure he wins, but Iruma says he doesn't want to use magic. When Sullivan asks why, Iruma reminds him the magic belongs to him, and he feels like using it would be cheating. He instead wants to win with his own ability. Sullivan accepts Iruma's reasoning and to compromise, uses his magic to strengthen Iruma's hands so it would be a fair fight. Iruma thanks Sullivan and he starts gushing at how much he will treasure this new memory of his.

Sullivan then takes his leave, saying there is someone else who gives better advice; the person in question is Opera. Iruma meets with Opera and he tells him that in order to be successful, he needs to learn to hit the enemy in addition to dodging. He decides to start with Iruma catching the ball, but Iruma constantly dodges every ball thrown at him. Opera tells Iruma rather tensly that he intends to teach him 'thoroughly' so he doesn't get injured during practice or the real thing. Things he teaches include Iruma concentrating and holding his ground.

Later, Alice and Clara visit him while he eats as they notice how dusty and beaten the palms of his hands are. Iruma says to them that he pushed himself rather hard so he never noticed his hands. He even adds he knows how to read Opera's emotions with his non-changing face, and the two admire Iruma's determination. The training continues and eventually Iruma successfully catches the ball Opera threw at him, which excites him, though Opera says he will train him at home so he doesn't forget.

Sullivan comes in and says that Opera's training is complete which he confirms. The day of the exam finally arrives.

Chapter 15

In the underground gym, Kalego explains the rules to the Misfit Class. He says that one person from each team will be on the outfield while the others are in the infield. If someone gets hit with the ball, they go to the outfield, where they are allowed to attack until one team is completely defeated. He also adds that they can use magic on the ball, but not on each other, and that the rank evaluation is proportional to the student's rank on each team. He says that there will be fifteen minutes and if the ball hits the ground once it is safe, but face contact is a foul.

Kalego proceeds to distribute armbands for each team, as Iruma says he is nervous about what will happen. Alice reassures him it will be fine because of how hard he has worked in preparation. Just as they get their armbands though, they realize they are on opposite teams: Team A is Sabro, Jazz, Clara, Picero, Elizabetta, and Iruma while Team B is Goemon, Lied, Kerori, Kamui, Schneider, Alice, and one other. Alice objects at Kalego for this lineup but Kalego says they need to evenly distribute strength, which Alice is forced to accept. He then decides to help Iruma behind the enemy lines. With that, Kalego begins the tournament.

While Alice thinks about what to do, Lied and Goemon decide not to aim for Iruma because of his dodging abilities. Before they can throw the ball, they realize it isn't even in their possession, having been stolen by Jazz. Jazz hands it off to Sabro who throws it at Kerori. She tries to block it with an ice barrier, but it breaks through and bounces off Kerori's shoulder, but Kamui then grabs it. He offers it to Elizabetta (while also trying to peek up her skirt), and gets beaten up by Lied and Goemon for his perversion. Kerori walks over to the ball, but gets confused when several more appear, courtesy of Clara. They try to find it but end up disturbing Picero, who uses his Bloodline Magic to destroy the ground and send all the balls flying. The right one ends up getting caught by Iruma, happy his training paid off. He prepares to throw it before realizing he doesn't know how to throw it a all; he missed the whole point of the training.

Iruma starts panicking about what to do before Sabro arrives and takes the ball, telling him to leave the offense to him. He throws the ball at Alice hoping to eliminate him, but Alice immediately grabs it without turning to face Sabro and throws it back at him, while telling him to not interrupt his thinking. Sabro is eliminated while the other students say they can't throw the ball at Alice.

Eventually, Alice sees the ball and picks it up, and he realizes only he and Iruma are left standing, as he was so deep in thought he didn't notice. Unwilling to fight Iruma, Alice decides to hand the ball over, thinking things will be okay. Just before he calls out to Iruma though, he sees his face and the determination plastered over it. Alice realizes he hasn't looked at Iruma's face at all since the match started and curses himself for foolishly thinking he could help Iruma by throwing the match, especially after witnessing his training and how hard he was trying. Alice coats himself in fire and says he will honor his etiquette as a demon and come at him at full power. Iruma, while nervous, tells Alice to throw it because he will catch it.

Chapter 16

Ameri comes down to the underground gym with some of her subordinates to watch the Cannonball Execution exam. Her subordinates say it is rare for her to see the first-years like this. They wonder if she is scouting Alice for the Student Council, but Ameri says that isn't the case.

Iruma notices that the aura that Alice is emitting is filled with killing intent, and he prepares to throw the ball with all his might as Iruma prepares himself He does think back to his training with Opera though, and remembers how Opera told him that fear is considered humiliating to a demon, so the party of demons that fears the other will lose. He says to Iruma that in order to avoid a dire situation, he must turn his fear into excitement.

Iruma proceeds to charge forward just as Alice throws the ball. Iruma does grab the ball, but the fire coating it starts chipping away at his endurance. Iruma then decides to take the momentum from the thrown ball and use it to his advantage, reversing the throw and returning the ball to Alice, which grazes his arm. Kalego announces that Team A has won.

All the students cheer Iruma for his victory, and Alice acknowledges Iruma's victory, even though he used all his strength against him. He does get praised by his other teammates for his impressive display. Kalego, who watched what happened, acknowledged that Iruma demonstrated good judgement in his stage dodging and attack in order to defeat Alice. He walks over to Iruma and tells him that if he finds any evidence suggesting Alice let him win on purpose, he will punish both sides severly. He says this as he promotes Iruma from Rank 1 to Rank 2, which thrills him. Kalego says to the other students to take things more seriously though.

Having achieved his goal, Iruma starts feeling a sense of excitment from his accomplishment. Ameri approaches him and commends him for his winning throw and that he seems very different from last time. Iruma confesses he never knew how exciting it was to do something for his own sake. Ameri says that is the feeling of ambition, though Iruma doesn't know if that is the case. Nevertheless, Ameri congratulates Iruma for his victory, which makes him happy.

After returning home, Iruma tells Sullivan and Opera what happened and thanks Opera for all his help. At first, Sullivan seemed upset he didn't get praised, but immediately remembers he didn't do anything and that he did indeed put Opera in charge of helping Iruma. That doesn't stop him from complaining though.

At the end of the day, Iruma goes to bed happily.

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