Mairimashita Iruma-kun Volume 2 contains chapters 8-16.
Volume 2 cover

Mairimashita Iruma-kun! Volume 2 Cover

The cover features the first colour print of Asmodeous Alice.

Characters Introduced

Chapter 8 - The Ring of Gluttony

After the flying race, different students are chatting, showing off their new ranks received from the ranking owl to one another. Alice received Rank 4 "Daleth", while Clara achieved Rank 3, "Gimel". Meanwhile, Iruma has instead pulled a strange golden ring from the owl. He quickly finds the ring won't come off, even as he pulls it as hard as he can.

He requests help from the other students, but they quickly back away in fear as he approaches. Iruma is initially confused, before he catches sight of a menacing shadow residing on his shoulder. He panics, and realises it is coming from the ring on his hand. The shadow begins to scream, the wailing echoing throughout the entire school. Only Iruma is unaffected, as the rest of the student body collapses in pain. He attempts to silence the creature, but instead cradles it in his arms and accidentally rocks it to sleep.

It quickly awakes, and Sabnock approaches, claiming that dealing with the creature will be a piece of cake. However a single touch to his nose is enough to to knock the demon out, collapsing where he stands. Next, Alice approaches, but with the same result. It is revealed that the creature is draining their magical energy. Callego attempts to remove the ring, but is met with a powerful hallucination; the image of the creature ripping off his arm in a violent manner flashes before his eyes. He withdraws, shaken, realizing he it was given a warning. He decides to exterminate the creature, possible along with Iruma (or his arm), before being stopped by the Lord Sullivan.

The creature attacks, but Sullivan subdues it with a single tap, the ravenous hunger of the ring stopped in an instant. The ring is revealed to be called "The Ring of Gluttony", a powerful magic tool that can act as an artificial mana pool, but indiscriminately devours magical power from the demons around it. Hunger sated, however, it was now harmless, if irremovable from Iruma's hand.

Without a rank from the ranking owl, Iruma is given the rank of 1 (Aleph). Finally satisfied that he's finally received a reasonable evaluation, he leaves class unaware that even more exaggerated rumours of his adventures in Karakiri Valley begin to circulate.

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