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Mairimashita! Iruma-kun Volume 7 contains chapters 53 to 61.

The cover features a colour print of Iruma in his Evil Cycle sitting on the throne of Royal One with Arikured floating next to him.

Characters introduced (in order)

Chapter 53 - Renewed Ambition

Iruma talks to Ameri over the phone, asking how the Student Council is with her answering that they are getting back into business, though she considers it lonely with him gone. Nevertheless, she believes things will go back to normal.

Previously at the Student Lounge, Zagan Johnny Western asks Ronove Lomiere if he is ready to face the consequences. Lomiere, while laying on a sofa covered in roses, says he knows his division is going to get disbanded, which he is very sad about. Western yells that that was not what he was talking about, and demands he tell him what magic he used on Ameri to change her personality. Lomiere denies ever doing something he considers 'gaudy', and sure enough, Iruma reveals that the real culprit has been caught. Soon after, Alice and Clara bring forth the true criminal: a second year student named Elicos Schenell.

They explain they tracked the equipment he borrowed from the Magic Development and Game Development Divisions and then staked out the spot where he manufactured the perfume he used on Ameri. Western angrily asks Schenell if he did what he did to overthrow Ameri. Schenell reveals that he didn't want to overthrow Ameri, he wanted to create a gentle version of Ameri. Schenell explains he is the captain of Ameri's new defense troops, and after watching Ameri carry herself with such dignity, he felt it was his duty to change her personality to a gentle figure to admire. Ameri ends up coming in and punishes him for his actions by having him run the Student Council training course fifty times, which the other members grab him and run out to do so.

Ameri turns to Lomiere and asks if he would like to join the Student Council. A surprised Lomiere asks if he can stand out, and Ameri says if he puts out good results, she will leave the showy work to him. He accepts while jokingly saying he may take over her council, with Ameri saying he can try. Ameri walks over to Iruma and asks him to choose which Division to join, because even though he has completed his training and the Magical Tools and Research Division will open up again, he is more than welcome at the Student Council. Iruma decides to decline their invitation, though he admits he found it really fun even though it was hard, he wants to continue with his Division's activities to find his own ambition, rather than being swept along with someone else's. Furthermore, he is waiting for someone to return, even if he doesn't know if he will be wanted. Ameri accepts Iruma's decision, saying he would fit better with the Magical Tools and Research Division.

In the present, Iruma tells Ameri he will be fine and offers to have another reading session with her tomorrow as he hangs up. Arikured comes out and says the ending is quite the happy one. He teasingly tells Iruma he has a special girlfriend, causing Iruma to blush and say he is wrong. Arikured asks if Clara is his type, and Iruma nervously tells him to stop while quickly changing the subject. He says Ameri snapped back to her old self when she saw all the students during the election, and asks how the spell affected her. Arikured says that for whatever reason, she thought she wanted to be cute. Arikured asks if he wants her to be cute, but he says no.

Back in the Student Lounge, Ameri feels her heart beating fast after hanging up and wondering if she sounded weird when talking to him. Ameri wonders if what she feels is love for Iruma, saying she finds him dazzling and feeling restless when she is next to him, not to mention finding him insanely cool and cute. She begins wondering if she should have persuaded him to join the council before looking at her reflection in a mirror. She admits she may seem rather intimidating for a girl and wonders if she should try to look a little cute. She immediately disregards the thought after thinking back to what Iruma said to her, and says she looks fine the way she is.

She looks at a picture of her, her subordinates, Lomiere, Iruma, Alice, and Clara, and says she has obtained another amibtion, and tells Iruma to prepare himself because when it comes to her ambitions, she is determined to achieve them.

Chapter 54 - The Exact Opposite of Iruma

Sullivan and Opera welcome Iruma home after his long servitude with the Student Council. Iruma thanks them for the welcome and the food as Sullivan says the atmosphere is so peacful.

After getting into bed, Iruma talks with Arikured about their many experiences. Arikured decides to tease Iruma by revealing there is a limited live video of him when he dressed up during Kuromu's concert. He mentions that from his time with Kuromu, the Student Council, and the dissolution election, he has experienced many things, which Iruma agrees to. Iruma then says he doesn't understand the whole 'Evil Cycle' thing, and he would like to know more about it as he falls asleep. Arikured decides to help out by poking his forehead and influencing his Evil Cycle and a little personality alteration.

The next morning, Sullivan and Opera come in to wake Iruma up, but are caught completely off guard when Iruma wakes up and tells him to shut up in a rather rude manner. At the table, he says the newspaper he is reading is boring and tosses it aside, demanding Opera give him another one, which they nervously agree to. Sullivan, on the other hand, bursts into tears thinking Iruma's time with the Student Council has brought about this change, and he will file a complaint. Iruma then hears Alice and Clara arrive and greet him. Iruma hands Alice his bag and tells him to carry it, which he happily agrees to. He also pats Clara on the head saying she is full of spirits.

Iruma, Alice, and Clara arrive to school via carriage, and when he walks by several students and waves to them, he ends up leaving some girls blushing and some guys in amazement. Arriving at the classroom, the students of the Abnormal Class are left speechless to the sight of Alice massaging Iruma's shoulders and Clara providing snacks while Iruma just looks at his phone. The students wonder what got into him as Iruma demands Alice get him some tea while telling Clara to sit on his lap because he is cold; both happily accept. Iruma notices the others looking at him and says they aren't making exhibitions of themselves, despite clearly doing so. Jazz figures out he is going through his Evil Cycle, which Alice says his new behavior is exactly how a king should behave. The others decide to let Iruma be.

Iruma then notices an unpleasant smell, and discovers it is because the other students drop their trash off near the classroom for the students to pick up. Lied explains there is a shared garbage dump on the opposite side but leaving it near the Abnormal classroom saves them trouble of taking it out themselves. Iruma notices the wall and Jazz says others use it for stress relief. They all laugh it off because they are used to it, but Iruma ignites the garbage and incinerates it. He declares he doesn't like these conditions and that the Abnormal Class is his territory. He acknowledges ranks are important and their class bears many dignified students, but with their treatment, the others will make fun of them. He declares they will move away from this pitiful location and go somewhere more fancy; his statement leaves everyone in awe.

Chapter 55 - Royal One

The students of Babylus start talking about Iruma and how he was dismissed from the Student Council, under the thought that he is a wimp in everyone's eyes, which makes his presence in the Abnormal Class make sense. Someone ends up bumping into the student who said that and just as he yells at the person to watch where he is going, he realizes that that person was actual Iruma himself, being followed by the rest of the Abnormal Class. Alice asks Iruma if he should punish the students, and Iruma tells him to stand down. In fact, he apologizes to the student he bumped into, saying that if he wants to say something to him and his class, they should say it straight to his face next time. After the class leaves, the students start questioning their previous comments about the Abnormal Class.

Iruma approaches Kalego in the Faculty Room, where he demands that the Abnormal Class get a new classroom. A disturbed Kalego asks what brought this sudden change of character, but Iruma continues saying that their current classroom is not an acceptable environment for learning and it is the school's duty to ensure that; so he demands he answer why he and the others deserve to be in the Abnormal Class. Kalego answers him by pulling out various books and explaining the reasons why they are all in the class: Iruma committed violent acts and destroyed a school building during the entrance ceremony alongside Asmodeus Alice (which he takes pride in), Sabro attacked a teacher and destroyed property (still under the idea he could rank up if he did so), Jazz stole from students and teachers (which he doesn't deny, especially since he stole from the students earlier before), Kerori is okay, Lied sent six students he was gambling with to the hospital, Kamui sexually harrassed students and teachers (which he says he doesn't regret), and Clara is Clara. Furthermore, Kalego mentions damaged property, trespassing in dangerous areas, possessing illegal substances, and so on, to where he asks if all these incidents in between the start of school and class assignments justifies his reasons. Iruma once again yells what makes that 'abnormal behavior' which causes Kalego to question how any of that isn't abnormal.

Iruma accepts Kalego's answer but he insists they can't stay in their current classroom as he brings out a map of their classroom to explain how tough it is for them to get to class, how close they are to the garbage dump, and how the building is so old it can't insulate anything. Kalego says this is because there are no other classrooms isolated from the rest, but Iruma says that there is, and to unseal the King's classroom Royal One, since it was last used by the previous Demon King, is still preserved, and now is no longer in use. Immediately Kalego summons his familiar and angrily tells Iruma that Royal One is Babylus' pride and for the likes of him to know his place. In response, Iruma says to Kalego that he and the rest of the Abnormal Class will prove they deserve to use Royal One by getting the transfer approval from the majority of Babylus' faculty in less than two weeks. Taking up the challenge, Kalego gives them three days, saying that to meddle with the relics of the old king, they must accept a challenge of that level. Iruma accepts the challenge and leaves, leaving the faculty to laugh at Kalego at how they confronted him.

Iruma and his classmates walk out and notice several students eavesdropping, asking if they will drop off their trash in front of Royal One before leaving. The students wonder if the Abnormal Class can actually transfer to Royal One, with several thinking no. In fact, some students, like Lied, thinks accomplishing this challenge is impossible, even though he wants Royal One too. Iruma says that he expected something of this caliber, and that the impossiblity of something makes it interesting, and that this is the opportunity to show the entire school how superior they are to everyone else. He then says that in order to ensnare every teacher, Jazz is the first one up to the plate, as he wants him to steal something from Kalego.

Chapter 56 - Abnormal Classmates

In response to this, Jazz says to Iruma that he doesn't like working hard in general, even if it is to acquire Royal One. Lied backs him up saying he doesn't really care that much about changing classrooms, saying that it isn't that bad and it has its own charm to it, a sentiment the other students seem to share. Iruma then says for them to come with him as he brings them to Royal One. Iruma asks his classmates during the Student Council's head-to-head election to raise their hands if they voted for Lomiere; Kerori, Elizabetta, Schneider, Lied, Jazz, and Goemon raise their hands. Iruma points to Kamui, Sabro, and Picero, who confirm they didn't (Kamui says a gentleman always puts a lady first, Sabro wasn't interested since he wasn't in the ballot, and Picero didn't know anything).

Iruma says that everyone was "having fun" and are faithful to each their own "desires", and that demons who take pride in being outcasts and drown in their desires are a clutch of fledgling 'primitive demons'; Iruma gets everyone's attention, because according to him, Royal One should interest everyone because using a classroom holding untold treasures and value should be "fun". He also adds that the room's facilities, such as the nap room, gymnasium, and all the exquisite furnishings are all excellent, even adding it can boost popularity. He concludes his monologue saying if this class will be abnormal, this will really help with that.

Iruma asks if anyone has any problems, but Jazz says he is convinced and asks what he needs him to steal. As it turns out, Jazz brought Kalego to Iruma himself where he asks him to sign the permit while in his familiar form, which enrages him. As he was focused on being angry at Iruma, he didn't realize Jazz used his Bloodline Magic, 'Pit', to see the hidden items on a person's body and the best way to acquire them, also revealing that the rings on his fingers are to alert the person he is robbing in case he fails, though in his eyes he considers them his 'leash' for his 'Serpent Thieves' technique. Kalego tells Iruma he won't accept a paw print as a signature, so Iruma agrees to leave, but not before Kalego demands he give him the summoning seal before leaving. Nevertheless, Iruma and Jazz's goal was accomplished.

As it turns out, the item Jazz stole from Kalego was his notebook, which they offer to Morax Momonoki. Jazz says it is filled with his hobbies and sketches that might interest her if she signs their permit; Momonoki accepts, making it one signature for the Abnormal Class.

Chapter 57 - Babylus Teachers

At school, Sullivan decides to confront Iruma to set him straight. When he does though, Iruma shyly asks Sullivan for his signature which he immediately signs.

Later, Iruma gives his classmates different teachers to approach based on their skill sets, and if there is anything they need they can ask the janitor. The janitor procceds to ask Iruma for his help, which he agrees to, something the class notes hasn't changed in Iruma despite his Evil Cycle. Goemon and Picero help the Gardening Division by cutting down all the weeds. Stolas Suzy, who was watching them, agrees to convince all of the Division to sign, even offering some tea for the both of them. Clara and Schneider approach Morax, Babylus' magical knowledge teacher, and offers to help her with her theories if she signs, which she accepts. Later, Kamui approaches another teacher, Furcas, who is seen as a man more interested in the pursuit of knowledge than women, and whispers something in his ear so erotic not only does it give him a nosebleed, but it makes him sign Kamui's permit. Alice and Jazz also convince the Magical Development Division for help getting their permits signed in exchange for Alice lending his fire magic to them for their experiments.

Kerori enters the classroom and delivers several more signed permits to Iruma, bringing their total to twenty-one and leaving only twelve left. Iruma also knows that convincing the teachers who signed for fun is easier than convincing teachers who follow Kalego's example. As he mentions possibly reaching out to another respected third-party, Kerori asks Iruma if she can convince some teachers by revealing her identity as 'Kuromu'. Iruma says in response that if she doesn't want people to know she is Kuromu, then she doesn't have to force herself and she can stay as she is, which causes her to blush. Iruma then says that there are two faculty members who are most likely the most difficult. Those two are Orias Oswell who teaches Astrology and Buer Blushenko. Luckily Iruma sent Lied and Elizabetta to Oswell, where Lied challenges Oswell to a game in order to convince him, and sent Sabro to Blushenko, who still remembers him as the one who attacked him during the entrance ceremony, and is determined to not give him his signature.

Deciding to help things out a bit, Iruma proceeds to visit Ameri.

Chapter 58 - Outstanding Demons

The game Oswell and Lied find themselves playing is in fact a game created by Clara called 'Unjalaka'. Oswell calls this the worst game ever because with 1,056 gamepieces in total that move at random or without warning and you have to win by having more pieces than the other team. On top of that, Lied used his Bloodline Magic, 'Controller', to steal Oswell's sense of sight. However, Oswell claims Lied is underestimating him because of his own Bloodline Magic, 'Born Lucky', which always gives him fortunes favor, and he is currently beating Lied at the game. Similarly, Blushenko tells Sabro he can't beat him either, as his Bloodline Magic, 'Healing Factor', allows him to heal from any wound as long as he has magic, making him practically invincible (though it still hurts). Blushenko says to Sabro that he despises those who think nothing of pain, especially Sabro because he attacked him out of greed, and if he plans on getting him to submit by force, he will teach him the true meaning of pain.

Iruma meets with Ameri in her office, as his intention with asking for her signature could drastically improve their chances of acquiring Royal One due to the Student Council's influence. He asks her and, as much as she would have liked to sign immediately, she tries to keep her emotions from clouding her judgement. Iruma admits he knows she can't just sign something out of the blue, but he is willing to do anything and for her to consider his offer. After Ameri calms down, she asks Iruma why he wants to acquire Royal One so badly, stating that as president, she needs to understand or she can't do anything. Iruma says to her that he wants everyone in the school to recognize the Abnormal Class as outstanding.

Back with Oswell and Lied's game, Lied ends up winning by claiming all of the pieces. Oswell is left confused as to how he possibly lost before realizing Elizabetta had a hand in ensuring Lied's victory. As it turns out, she was also using her Bloodline Magic, 'Full Love Gauge', to make him eager to please her by losing. He also realizes Lied stole his sense of smell as well, and when he caught her scent, he started moving only to Lied and Elizabetta's benefit. Lied does admit that stealing two senses at once puts a drain on him, but the thrill of pushing his limits while trying to fool others is the reason why he can't stop gambling. Oswell admits defeat and signs the permit.

As for Sabro and Blushenko, Sabro ends up bowing to the teacher and apologizes to him for attacking him, saying back then he only thought strength was everything and he was wrong to think the stronger he could get, the closer he could become Demon King. What he knows now (thanks to Iruma), is that no matter how strong he was or how fierce his resolve is, if he never reflects, he would learn nothing, and by not considering one's feelings, one can not become Demon King. He says he doesn't expect Blushenko to forgive him, but he wants him to accept his apology. Blushenko does so, as he took note that Sabro displayed the root of wings as he bowed which is a sign of utmost respect and sincerity, which he never expected. With his anger all gone, Blushenko signs his permit and says Sabro found a good rival to teach him.

Meanwhile with Iruma, who has gotten closer distance-wise to Ameri, once again says he wants the school to appreciate the the class's free-will and spirit, and if they obtain Royal One, everyone will be able to. Eventually she does give in and agrees to help, leaving only one signature left to obtain: Kalego's.

Chapter 59 - Miracle of Clowns

Now that the Abnormal Class as obtained Ameri, Oswell, and Blushenko's signatures, Iruma and the rest of the class approach Kalego with all the signed permits. Kalego looks through all the papers and confirms that the 36 teachers of the school have indeed signed. Kalego admits that if all the signatures are here, he has no choice but to sign. Just as everyone gets excited that they can move into Royal One, Kalego declares he will not be signing the permit.

The students ask what he means and he reveals that when he said they needed to gain the signatures of all faculty members, he meant all of them: cafeteria workers, school store employees, groundskeepers, librarians; basically everyone that works at Babylus. Iruma and the others yell that he isn't being fair but he shuts them up and says they were the ones who didn't think the challenge through, and he considers those who don't think are nothing but clowns. Nevertheless, Kalego acknowledges the amount of signatures acquired and decides to compromise by offering to clean up their current classroom as best as possible, but he can not approve of their transfer to Royal One, which he says is the end of this event to Iruma.

Just then, the groundskeeper ends up entering the room and gives Iruma the permit with his signature. He then beckons in the rest of the employees of the school who proceed to give their signed permits to Iruma. Just as he asks why, they reveal that they were repaying him for all the help he gave throughout the school year, also saying the rest of the Abnormal Class helped out too. They all announce that they are fans of Iruma, which causes him to start laughing joyously and accept their admiration. He turns to face Kalego and admits that he was right when he said the class don't think things through and are immature, and they may look like clowns to him, but that all ends today. He says that even if clowns are fools, they can move the hearts of the masses, and as a result, all of Babylus wants to see the Abnormal Class move into Royal One. Forced to admit defeat, Kalego approves of the class's movement to Royal One.

As the students and faculty celebrate, Dandalion Dali teases Kalego that the class outsmarted him, as he says nothing ever goes his way when it comes to the Abnormal Class.

Chapter 60 - Delkira's Relics

Now that the Abnormal Class can use Royal One, the entirety of Babylus gather in front of the classroom to witness it be re-opened, as well as see the Abnormal Class in general due to all of their insane accomplishments. Surprisingly, some of the students don't know how to process all this newfound fame. Meanwhile Kalego asks Iruma if he is satisfied that the school is acknowledging his class, which Iruma confirms. Iruma asks if he got Sullivan's permission, which Kalego confirms he did (despite Sullivan just saying the room was going to waste). The moment finally comes and the room is unlocked, with the class making their way inside. Everyone starts admiring how cool and awesome their new classroom is, especially since the previous Demon King Derkila used a magic called 'Autokeep' to preserve the room so it looked pristine. As for Iruma, he ends up walking over to the Demon King's chair and sits down in it, leaving everyone in awe.

The next morning, Iruma ends up going back to normal and is woken up by Arikured, who admits he used more magic than he thought to induce his Evil Cycle, and that he was so creeped out he never bothered to come out of the Ring of Gluttony. Iruma grabs him and cries about all the 'mean' things he felt he did because of him. As a result, Iruma tries to apologize to Sullivan and Opera for before, but the two of them are just so happy he is back to normal they pay it no mind. Iruma also apologizes to Alice and Clara, who were also happy to see him back to normal, even Alice who said the original Iruma is the best. He goes to school to apologize to Ameri, who also pays it no mind, and finally the entire Abnormal Class, who remind him that it was a fun experience. Iruma becomes relieved and feels he got closer to everyone.

The only problem is now his classmates tease him more frequently.

Chapter 61 - A Future to Look Forward To

Now that Iruma has returned to his original sweet self, Alice and Clara decide to take it upon themselves to make sure he doesn't revert again by clinging very closely to him. The rest of the class proceed to tease them before Jazz finally tells them that they are becoming a hindrance to him now, causing them to let go reluctantly, but that doesn't stop the rest of the class to give it a try themselves.

After Kalego comes into the room, he announces that there will be fewer classes after today and that the final day is coming soon, so everyone should get ready. Iruma asks what he means and Alice explains that vacation time will be coming soon, which means no school and fun time until school starts again. Just as everyone starts getting excited, Kalego says that everyone will be tested on all their lectures, and should they fail, they will be forced to take supplementary lessons. Several students start panicking which Alice sees as their fault for not preparing. When he turns to face Iruma though, he sees him zoning out.

Iruma confesses to Alice and Clara that he doesn't know how to study, and the two of them decide to give him a few practice tests to see for themselves. To their surprises, Iruma does absolutely horrible on all of them. Clara wonders if Iruma can't read but that isn't the problem for him; Iruma just doesn't understand what anything means. Clara ends up taking advantage of this to tease Iruma by showing that her scores, while still low, are still higher than Iruma's, which only adds to his shame.

Iruma looks to Alice, who was looking at his practice tests, and wonders what he thinks of this situation. Alice looks at Iruma and admits he finds him strange because of his strength to overcome hardships and apparent ignorance to how the world works, and that his kindness is a rarity among demons yet his compassion fills his heart. He also says that when he saw Iruma sit on the Demon King's throne during his Evil Cycle, he felt he could see the future of the Demon World: Iruma as the next Demon King.

Filled with even more admiration than before, Alice declares to Iruma that he will help him pass the final test, even adding that those who score well can rank up and that this is Iruma's opportunity to become Rank 4. Surprised by this sign of dedication, Iruma becomes pumped up on the idea of passing the final test. Suddenly in comes Elicos Schenell, who announces he will be in their care from now on.

Iruma calls Ameri about it and she reveals that he was a hassle for them in the Student Council so she decided to place him in a trustworthy Division without second-years that she can keep an eye on: their Division. Ameri adds that Schenell was able to create a personality-altering artifact on his own, which means he has promise even if he is weird, which is why she is entrusting him to Iruma. Schenell tries to say he looks forward to working with everyone but he gets assaulted by Alice and Clara demanding he leave, much to his displeasure.

Alice afterwards reveals to Iruma that if does badly on the final test, his rank will actually decrease, which shocks him.

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