Volume 8 is the eight manga of the Mairimashita! Iruma-kun series. It contains Chapters 62-70, and features Naberius Kalego and Iruma Suzuki.

Publisher's Summary

It will be a long holiday at the Devil's School ♪ ...... However, before the holidays there is a gloomy test. Iruma-kun, who is studying lessons in the demon world!! An unexpected pinch rushes into him!?


  • Chapter 62 - Devilish Studies
  • Chapter 63 - Balam's Class
  • Chapter 64 - A Shocking Fact
  • Chapter 65 - The Joy of Learning
  • Chapter 66 - Final Exam
  • Chapter 67 - Girls Talk
  • Chapter 68 - Kalego-Sensei's Home Visits
  • Chapter 69 - Enjoying Our Final Days
  • Chapter 70 - Walter Park

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 62

At the dinner table, Sullivan praises Iruma for how hard he has been studying though asks him not to push himself too hard because he is worried, even though Iruma is pushing himself because he doesn't understand what he is even reading. Sullivan offers to tell Iruma what is on the test or even to make it super easy for him, but Opera stops him and reminds him that he doesn't need to go so far for Iruma because Iruma is a very serious person, so he has faith he will ace the test. Sullivan accepts this reason and Iruma leaves the dinner table, albeit much more nervous than before.

Back in his room, Arikured makes fun of Iruma's inability to study by saying that if he drops his rank from doing badly, then he will most likely disappear because it was Iruma's rank increase that gave him his sentience. Iruma, while annoyed, does admit he doesn't know what will happen to Arikured if he fails the exam, so he resolves to avoid any and all red marks.

At school, Iruma and Alice see their friends trying to study hard and decide to leave them to it so they can study themselves. Alice decides they should tackle the notebooks and see what aspects of the five subjects they will be tested on (demonic history, astrology, torture, pharmaceutics, and fundamentals of magic). After going through all of them though, Iruma still fails at being able to understand any of it, and even with Alice and Clara encouraging him, Iruma laments his ability to study.

While looking through the notebooks however, he comes across several questions about humans which he answers correctly due to being human himself. His classmates praise him for this accomplishment, but only because the questions fell under "Imaginary Biology of the History of the Demonic Realm". Nevertheless, the praise Iruma received for this subject he is unfamiliar with has opened a new side of him: high studies; the pleasure of scoring so high has made him so excited he became an idiot. Alice suggests that he master "Demonic History" next which Iruma agrees to. To do so, they decide to visit Dali to help, but as they walk over to his classroom, the see a student run out terrified. They see other students running nervously and Alice asks what they are doing. The students reveal that Dali is out because he is going through his Evil Cycle, so taking his place is Balam Sicirue, who Iruma realizes is the author of the workbook he scored 100 marks on. Alice says Balam is a special case so they should probably stop for the day, but Iruma insists on giving it a try.

He is then immediately picked up by Sicirue who was hanging from the ceiling, and he says he is excited to hear Iruma wants to learn.

Chapter 63

Sicirue starts his lecture by saying that creatures such as imaginary beings have been written about throughout demonic history, and that the research of imaginary beings is a study of beliefs. He also explains that the Demonic Realm is vastly unexplored so it is possible new species exist, and then he asks if anyone knows what imaginary beings eat before going back to writing on the chalkboard, all the while Iruma beings to understand why others run from him. Alice explains that Sicirue has a touch addiction called "skinship", and he will touch anything that breaths because of it, though he doesn't know if it is because he is in charge of imaginary beast research though. Another student tells Iruma and Alice that Sicirue supposedly touches people to see if they are good for him to experiment on, which terrifies them even more.

Sicirue then turns his attention to talk about humans. He asks what one would do if a human was before them, and some say they would eat them because they think they are delicious. Sicirue admits humans are masses of greed and a source of nourishment for demonfolk as one student asks what he would do. Sicirue starts touching the human dummy he used in his example as the students think he wants to experiment on them. Sicirue then says if he saw a human, he would want to know about how the lived, because he believes humans and other imaginary beings are weak compared to the creatures of the Demon World due to living in different environments requiring certain traits. He goes over to Iruma and touches his back while continuing his lecture, but becomes unnerved while doing so and immediately grabs him and runs off while telling the students to return to their classrooms.

Sicirue meets with the staff and reveals that Iruma has no wings, nor does he have any wing roots either. They lift up his shirt to see for themselves as Iruma panics he will be found out. To his surprise though, the teachers see a pair of wings on his back, even though they are very tiny. In actuality, Arikured was morphing his hand to make it look like wings to cover for him. The teachers decide that the reason they couldn't feel them was because of them being so small and both Sicirue and Iruma and thrown out to resume their lessons.

As the two of them walk back to the classroom, Iruma wonders if he should ask Sicirue any questions because he doesn't know if he is dangerous or not. Just as he starts to leave, Sicirue grabs him and says to him that judging from his back, either Iruma has a serious illness or he is a peculiar being, and it was in his nature he couldn't help but check to see if he was human or not since he believes in imaginary beings. He asks Iruma to not hold any grudges against him for dragging him away like that and takes off his mask, revealing his mouth is deformed. He then says that now the two of them are buddies as he puts his mask back on.

Iruma is left confused by what happened, but Sicirue explains his jaw got peeled off in an accident a long time ago, so that is why his fangs look so scary. He reveals he has a love for all living things but they run from him in fear, so his habit of touching things arose because he wants to touch something as much as he can before they run off. Iruma asks why Sicirue is telling him this and Sicirue answers that he thought Iruma was upset when everyone saw his tiny wings. He apologizes for the sudden action and that he wanted to make Iruma feel better by showing his own deformity in addition to his apology. This leaves Iruma surprised at how king Sicirue actually is, and even though he brought him into his study where it is just the two of them, he didn't feel afraid of him at all.

As Sicirue makes some tea and gives it to Iruma to drink, Iruma, completely caught off guard by his kindness, confesses that he is human.

Chapter 64

Just as Iruma says he is human, he comes back to his senses when he realizes what he just said. Sicirue asks if he just said he was human, and he can't lie to him. Iruma confirms he is human and Sicirue falls over in excitement. He asks about the wings they saw and Iruma reveals they were fake. Sicirue asks about his tail and Iruma reveals he doesn't have one. Sicirue immediately backs away from him, saying that he may not be able hold himself back. Iruma worries he wants to eat him, but is surprised when he says he is holding himself back from touching him.

Sicirue gets super excited that the creature he had fantasized about all his life was real and that his earlier suspicious were correct. Iruma asks if he will eat him and Sicirue says that while he is very curious about him, he considers humans an endangered species so he won't, which surprises Iruma. Seeing how much Sicirue wants to touch him, Iruma goes over and touches his face, causing him to fall over. Sicirue gets back up immediately and scolds Iruma for being careless about his identity and if he gets found out, it will be trouble for him. Iruma says he hasn't been caught yet, but Sicirue reminds him that not every demon he will encounter will react the way he himself did, so he decides to lecture him on his naivety. Iruma eventually returns home, but admits how much a nice person Sicirue actually is.

At school, Iruma and Alice see the their classmates completely exhausted, feeling that not matter no matter how hard they studied, they don't feel any closer to acing the test, even though they have only been doing it for a day. Alice asks if they have a more organized way of studying and if they should ask someone capable to help. The students organize themselves between the smart ones and dumb ones as it shows the the ones most likely to pass are Sabro, Schneider, Alice himself, and Kerori (who was away with work). Everyone else is considered dumb as worms. Alice immediately dimisses helping the others because he is busy with Iruma, so everyone despairs that their summer vacation will be ruined. Iruma asks if they already made plans, and the others explain that among the various exciting places to explore, the number one attraction to go to in the Demon World is Walter Park, which excites Iruma because his previous summers were all about him working. Lied and the others tell Iruma they should all go to Walter Park together, which excites Iruma, though the happy atmosphere is ruined by the arrival of Kalego, who reminds them if they can't pass the test, they will not go. Kalego reveals he will be the examiner for the tests, which upsets the other students. Jazz also adds that since he is the administrator, none of them will be able to cheat because he can pick them out.

Everyone's attention is then turned to Sicirue, who was hanging out by the door to the room. Everyone starts panicking if he will experiment on them before Kalego walks over to him and greets him like a friend, which shocks everyone. Iruma asks how they know each other and Sicirue explains he and Kalego were classmates and alumni. They resume talking with one another while the other students are left shocked Kalego actually has friends (and get punished by Kalego for what they were thinking). Iruma asks Sicirue why is is here and Sicirue explains he was worried someone found out he is human and he saw he was having trouble with the test, so he offered to make a secret weapon for him.

Chapter 65

Sicirue's 'secret weapon' for Iruma turns out to be a picture book he made to help him understand the basics of Demon life. In particular, the one Iruma was currently reading portrayed him, Alice, and Clara as sibling who use three different types of magic: Verbal Magic, which is magic used by chanting spells, Non-Verbal Magic, which is one form of magic used without chanting, and Bloodline Magic, which is unique to various demons and grows stronger with training.

Iruma gets super excited that he is learning from the picture book as Sicirue explains he had loved them ever since he was little so making them became a hobby, but the others he would show them too caused them to run off in fear believing they were his experimenting notes. Iruma wonders if making the book was a lot of work but Sicirue reminds him learning about the Demon World is vital for his survival, so he will make sure he reads every picture book for other subjects to ensure he learns it all. Iruma happily agrees to this, while also wondering if Sicirue his happy himself someone is reading his stories.

Iruma still studies with Alice and Clara, but he is still struggling with remembering. Clara suggests Iruma sing, as she demonstrates by singing about Niginigi Weed and how it grows before Alice says there are songs about torture and stars. Iruma later goes to Jazz to learn about math, and after completing the workbook, he praises Jazz for how smart he is, which touches him. Iruma then goes to Lied and Goemon, who together played video games while also learning about demon history, specifically General Andras, Commander Zepar, and Sergeant Fufur. Iruma says that demon history is really cool, which surprises the two of them.

Iruma later reads another picture book from Sicirue about torture, which surprisingly makes him sad. Sicirue asks how his studying is going and Iruma responds that he still makes mistakes but he feels he is improving greatly, which he is happy about, though he is surprised Sicirue is taking notes about him because he considers him so interesting to observe.

Sure enough, Iruma's studying pays off as during a training test, Iruma scores 55 correct marks, which is good because the failure mark is 40, though they should try for 100 marks. Clara still boasts that she is smarter than Iruma, even though her test had 58 marks. All the while, the other Misfit Class students watch Iruma studying from a far in the library. As a result, they become much more enthusiastic about studying and succeeding. Iruma himself admits that between Sicirue's picture books, Alice's tutoring, and Clara's energy, he is surprised how everyone is united in studying, causing him to say that studying is really fun. He does, however, let his good practice grades get to his head as part of his studying high, as he starts to believe he is a smart person.

Eventually, the day of the Final Exam comes.

Chapter 66

After the exam is completed, Kalego prepares to hand them back out, though all the students nervously ask he give them time to mentally prepare and maybe even pray for their success. Kalego ignores this and reveals that the people who will have to will have to take supplementary lessons are no one; everyone passed. Kalego does interrupt their celebration by revealing to Kamui, Lied, and Goemon that because the three of them, who are Rank 1, got higher than the average, they get promoted to Rank 2, which thrills the three of them. Schneider, on the other hand, was the top of the class, so he was promoted from Rank 1 to Rank 3.

Alice praises Iruma for everyone's success, revealing that he used to think people who lose motivation easily wouldn't be able to get a good grade, their success was because they saw Iruma studying and became inspired. Alice tells Iruma he has the talent to change the people around him, which he sees as the qualities of a true king. This deeply touches Iruma as he looks at everyone happily talking about their summer plans. Kalego hands Iruma his grades and says to him that he has improved the most, though a rank up is still very far away for him.

Iruma then runs out to find Sicirue, but finds him much faster than he thought. When he sees him though, he is left shocked that he had cut his very long hair. Sicirue asks how his exam went and Iruma shows him his grade, showing he ranked 81 among the 163, which is right at the middle. Sicirue praises Iruma for his success while Iruma thanks him for helping him, but Sicirue says it was all his skill. He then presents a flower to Iruma, which he immediately recognizes as the Salamander Flower as a result of his studying, which is exactly what Sicirue was hoping for. He and Iruma sit down and Sicirue says to him that the privilege of living beings is learning by influencing and improving each other. As a result, Sicirue has decided to not only try to approach others, but let others approach him, starting with cutting his hair. He asks if Iruma felt he did his very best, and Iruma happily says he has.

Sicirue later meets up with Kalego, who represses his entire body to keep himself from laughing as Sicirue notices. Kalego says that it is good he is more confident than before, considering how unique he is at Babylus compared to himself since they are both Rank 8. His Bloodline Magic is then revealed to be called Buzzer, which allows him to be able to detect lies and wrongdoings of observed targets, and that during the exam, only he could have been powerful enough to use his magic on every student to see if anyone cheated. Sicirue does admit there was one student he could not explain their actions, which is why he considers living beings so interesting.

Later, Iruma, Alice, and Clara have a party but Iruma notices Schenell was not present and that was because he tried to cheat with an intelligence serum and was caught, so he will be taking supplementary lessons for the summer.

Chapter 67

Ameri sets out a some tea and cookies in preparation for her and Iruma's reading session, as she was unable to reach him at all during the exam. She hears the door open but just as she turns around to say hello to Iruma, she is shocked by the arrival of Clara instead. Clara reveals to Ameri that Iruma isn't coming because he is at a party with the other boys and she came to relay the message. Ameri checks her phone and sees a text from Iruma confirming it, which leaves her disappointed. Clara then proceeds to drag Ameri away to another room with Elizabetta and Kerori.

Kerori asks why the four of them are here and Clara says they are having a girl group. After introducing themselves, Kerori asks what they are supposed to do in this group, and Elizabetta says love stories, because she believes everybody has someone that they are interested in. Clara asks what that means and Elizabetta says she means a boy she likes. Clara immediately says Iruma, which causes Ameri to fall over, as she realized Clara was a girl, even though she always wondered why she was so close to Iruma all the time. Elizabetta admits Iruma seemed very charming during his Evil Phase, and Kerori says that she finds him reliable and cool. Ameri, all the while, is left annoyed by this conversation and by the fact she hasn't gone on a date with Iruma yet, though she does say she understands how Sayo from 'Sweet Time Memory' felt. Elizabetta asks if Ameri has someone she likes because she thinks she has lots of love experience. Giving in to the peer pressure, Ameri says she met the 'other' at a collision, which Elizabetta says is effective, or at least that is what Raim says.

Elizabetta asks Kerori, but she isn't sure herself, as she believes if the boys smile at her when she is performing then that must mean they like her. Clara says that Sabro embraces people by the neck, which makes her think he likes someone because he does it with everyone in class. Ameri immediately says that is not what they are talking about. Clara asks what they mean and Elizabetta asks if she would like to marry Iruma. Clara ends up imagining it and starts blushing heavily, saying it would be nice. Ameri starts panicking, seeing Clara as a rival for Iruma's affection. Elizabetta asks if Ameri if having Iruma for a partner would be nice, causing her to imagine it too. Kerori speaks up and says that it is way too early to talk about marriage, but Elizabetta says differently. The two then get in to an argument about love and whether it is worth talking about or not. As it turns out, the tea that Ameri brought with her makes it so those who drink it become less inhibited to speak what is on their minds, which is why Kerori and Elizabetta are arguing.

Eventually all four of them become exhausted, yet they feel very refreshed too. Clara says she didn't expect Kerori to speak so much and even Elizabetta said she thought Ameri would say something terrifying. Ameri tells the three of them that they can call her Ameri when she is off duty, which the three immediately do. Elizabetta says this girls group is really fun, which Ameri happily agrees to.

Iruma then comes in looking for Ameri and apologizes for being unable to come earlier, so he his hear to make up for it. Unfortunately, he gets chased out by the girls so they can resume their talk.

Chapter 68

Naberius Kalego is forced to make home vists for each of his students by Sullivan, which infuriates him as he doesn't think it will be something so simple like he made it seem, but he had no choice because Sullivan is higher in rank than him. He decides to make the meetings serious and then leave soon after.

He starts at the Asmodeus house where he is greeted by Alice and David, who came on Amaryllis' behalf (which was due to Alice not telling his mother Kalego was coming because he knew how she would act around him). He asks Alice if he talks to his guardians about school life but gets upset when Alice immediately talks about Iruma's well-being. Alice reveals he wanted to talk about Iruma because he feels he has nothing else to offer. Alice's younger sisters Viole and Lily come in and agree with him because even though they consider him amazing, all he talks about is Iruma; something he does not deny.

Kalego ends up spending and hour at Alice's house before leaving for the Valac house, though the minute he sees Clara and her family's greeting, he immediately tries to walk away but they grab him and drag him in. Suddenly, in comes another member of the Valac family: Valac Urara, who greets Kalego super calmly and apologizes on his family's behalf for their rowdiness, leaving him dumbfounded. He turns to the mother and asks if she abducted Urara but she confirms he is her child, but even he wonders how he was born into their family despite lacking their quirks. Kalego spends two hours at the Valac house before leaving with two full bags of souvenirs.

Kalego proceeds to visit Goemon, Jazz, Lied, Kamui, Picero, Elizabetta, and Schneider before arriving at Iruma's house. Iruma greets him but Kalego immediately grabs him and holds him up to his face so he can hide from that person. That person, turns out to be Opera, who reveals to Iruma that he was his senior who forced him to do various tasks that apparently left Kalego with some unpleasant memories, even if he says they are 'friends'. Upon meeting with Sullivan, Kalego says that Iruma's grades have improved during the final exams and that he hopes he will aim for better results. He also adds that Iruma gets into trouble yet he gained valuable experience and has formed many connections that he believes is something very important. He proceeds to list his various good deeds such as cleaning and repairing magical artifacts and some of his other accomplishments before Sullivan snatches his notebook from his hands and hands it to Iruma to look. Iruma reads it and is left surprised by how much detail Kalego put into each of his notes regarding the students. Kalego takes the book back and says to Iruma that his ability to overcome various difficulties is an amazing skill, but he needs to learn the difference between his responsibility and sense of self-sacrifice, which Iruma accepts. Just as he starts to leave, Opera convinces Iruma to have Kalego stay the night, which angers Kalego. To make it worse, Opera pulls out a summoning seal to see Kalego in his familiar form because he likes fluffy things.

At school, Kalego tells his students that as thanks for taking care of him during his visits he has increased the number of assignments for the final day, which angers the students because Kalego considers being fiendish to them entertaining.

Chapter 69

Iruma relaxes in his room with Arikured wondering what he should do now, since so many interesting things happened at school. Iruma thinks back on the first day he came to the Demonic Realm and how he didn't want to go to school at all, but as time progressed, he came to like it a lot. Arikured suggests he visit Alice and Clara but he says no, feeling he should let them do as they please. To his surprise though, Alice and Clara visit him and he ends up inviting them in.

Iruma admits this is the first time he has had friends in his room before asking what they should do now. Alice and Clara reveal they wanted to go to Walter Park with him because he seemed so excited to visit there when the others talked about it before, and Iruma happily accepts. Clara then reveals she invited everyone else though, and they promptly arrive at Iruma's house as well. They all start talking about the various things they want to do as Sullivan and Opera, who were watching, say they are happy for Iruma, which he reciprocates.

The day comes the Misfit Class go to Walter Park. Opera stops Sullivan from sending Iruma on his way with a huge bag of supplies he could never carry and reassures him he will take him there and pick him up, so he will be perfectly safe. Iruma meets up with everyone at Walter Park except for Schneider, who chose to go to an academic conference along with Morax. They also reveal that Kalego, Sicirue, and Opera have come as chaperones. Kalego angrily asks why he is here and Sicirue says it was a request from the Principal. Balam says it will be fun but Kalego isn't keen on the thought, especially since he has to go with Opera, who says he and Sicirue will help him overcome his inability to stand crowds when he really doesn't want anything to do with him.

Ameri then arrives herself, though she asks Iruma why others are here when she thought it would just be the two of them. Iruma says he said nothing about just the two of them which Ameri realizes is true after checking her phone. Walter Park opens and the group heads in.

Chapter 70

Before anyone can go off to do what they want, Kalego says if they are to split up, they need a chaperone. Balam suggests they split up into three groups while Clara suggests they compete to see which group has the most fun today. Opera agrees to ask Sullivan to judge while Lied says that the winning team will be treated to a meal by the teachers. Sicirue and Opera are on board, and while Kalego is reluctant, he agrees to the winning conditions. His losing conditions on the other hand, are that the losing team gets their homework for Post-Apocalypse Day doubled, scaring everyone. Opera then proceeds to draw straws to decide the groups.

As a result of the straw drawing, Sicirue's group consists of Iruma, Alice, Sabro, and Picero. Opera's group consists of Ameri, Elizabetta, Clara, and Kerori. Kalego's group consists of Lied, Goemon, Kamui, and Jazz. Immediately, Lied, Jazz, Goemon, and Kamui lament that they have no doubt lost the competition because they consider Kalego to be the least fun person ever, causing him to say he will triple their homework should they lose, which causes them to retract their statements. With that, the three groups head off on their own.

Starting at Opera's group, Ameri is upset she got separated from Iruma while Clara and Opera, compliment her casual clothes. Kerori suggests she would look better in a one-piece dress, and they go to find out. At Kalego's location, the four boys wonder decide to just have as much fun as they can with Kalego. At Sicirue's location, Sabro and Alice argue about what to do, but their attention is turned to how happy Iruma is taking in all the sites. He sees a crowd gathering and goes over it to see what it is. To his surprise, the center of attention turned out to be Ronove Lomiere, who was using his Bloodline Magic to charm everyone around him. Iruma asks why Lomiere is here and he declares Walter Park had built for him since he is an heir to a distinguished family that owns it. He is brought back to reality by Walter Staff Wett, who explains that because Lomiere wants to build one at Babylus, he is touring him around for inspection, though his constant habit of running off to do something has made it tiring for him. Lomiere insists the place is his sanctuary though.

Sicirue ends up asking Lomiere for help in making their time spectacular, and Lomiere agrees to show them the more exciting places. Wett tells him he shouldn't take them to the basement, which Iruma asks about. Lomiere reveals that in order to operate all of Walter Park, they require a huge supply of magic, which they gain from prisoners within a giant fortress prison underneath. Surprisingly, Ami Kirio was in the prison, and he mentions how rowdy the park is today.

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