Volume 9 is the ninth manga of the Mairimashita! Iruma-kun series. It contains Chapters 71-79, and features Opera and Iruma Suzuki.

Publisher's Summary

Iruma and his friends who visited the amusement park on the "last day" of the devil school! However, there is a huge prison in the basement of the amusement park, where a large-scale jailbreak plan is in progress...!?


  • Chapter 71 - Everyone's Playmate
  • Chapter 72 - Sharp Eyes
  • Chapter 73 - Wlavras Prison
  • Chapter 74 - The Six Finger's Plan
  • Chapter 75 - Demonic Beasts Raid
  • Chapter 76 - A Reliable Back
  • Chapter 77 - This Feeling Is...
  • Chapter 78 - Older Brother's Pride
  • Chapter 79 - Victory Roar

Chapter Summaries

Chapter 71

Focusing in on Opera's group, Elizabetta and Kerori watch Ameri wearing a gorgeous looking dress, which they compliment her for despite her worry about its practicality issues. Their attention is turned to Clara, who is also wearing a dress, though it seems too long for her. The staff offer to fix that, as a small old man appears on Clara's shoulder. As he starts measuring, he says that a woman's body is infinite and the material, color, and length of clothes differ per person, so knowing her size is a big shortcut to raising one's appeal. With his skills, he successfully alters the dress to make her look beautiful. Opera apologizes for any trouble they may have brought the two of them, but the two of them pay it no heed, saying that they are Walter Park staff, and they will play with them any time. The two of them offer to take pictures of the group, which the agree to and send to everyone.

Kalego's group see the picture and become determined to show how fun they are having. They try to make Kalego look like he is having by covering him in treats and a balloon, but it only makes him more aggravated. The group is then approached by two other demons who ask if they have cash. They panic thinking thinking they will get robbed, and when they hope Kalego will help, he uses the things in his hands as an excuse to not. The two strangers explain they don't want to mug them, they were just asking if they could play their little shooting game; the one who wins the most prizes is the all around winner, who also gets the loser's prizes. The group decide to play. Jazz steps up first using his Bloodline Magic to aim for a prize, but the other person stands in the way to sabotage them. Nevetheless, the group end up having a good time, and the staff say they are Walter Park staff, and they will play with them any time. The group end up seeing several pictures sent from Sicirue's group, and ask the staff to recommend another place. Lied points to a particular street, but Kalego warns them to not go there. He explains Walter Park was originally built for demons to vent out their stress from their Evil Cycles, so the street has a reputation for being home to shady demons doing illegal businesses. They heed his warning while also poking fun at the flower in his hair while seething with jealousy at Sicirue's group.

Speaking of, Iruma and Lomiere end up having a splendid time, with Sabro and Alice admiring Iruma's energy and Sicirue and Picero just hanging out, which annoys Wett that no one is stopping the two from going out of control. Lomiere praises Iruma for being able to keep up with him, and Iruma says it is hard for him to resist choosing various rides because they are all so interesting.

Unfortunately for him, he ends up getting separated from the others and finds himself lost on Kararagi Street. He checks his phone and sees it is out of power. He quickly realizes he is lost.

Chapter 72

Wett is forced to hold a map up as Alice and Sabro argue about where to go next as Lomiere returns to the group. Sicirue ask him where Iruma is, and the whole group realize Iruma is lost.

Iruma starts panicking about his new situation, and Arikured pops out to try and help him. He disappears when a mysterious demon calls out to Iruma from a dark alleyway and offers to 'help' him. Iruma picks up he is dangerous and tries to escape the stranger's grip, when he all of a sudden finds himself picked up by a new stranger who also crushes the shady demon's hand. She asks the demon what he had planned to do with her 'brother', successfully chasing him off.

Iruma apologizes to the woman for the trouble as she leads him out of Kararagi Street. She glares at him and tells him that Kararagi Street is dangerous, and he shouldn't go down there. She then points to a building in the distance and says that is the lost kids center. Iruma thanks her for the directions and walks off, saying to himself that he got too excited and announcing he is at the lost kids center will bother everyone, which he feels bad about. To his surprise, the woman returns with a stacked ice cream cone and offers it to him, claiming she bought the wrong ice cream. She says she came back because she doesn't want him to get lost again when trying to reach the lost kids center, which Iruma felt he would have.

Iruma nonetheless ends up riding an animal ride and he asks the woman if she wants to have fun like he is. She says she is worried she will scare the animals away if she tries to touch it, but Iruma tells her there is a trick to reach out below, which he learned from Sicirue. The woman ends up using this trick and finds herself covered in birds. The two of them end up taking a picture together, which was a first for her. Iruma tries to make his way to the lost kids center before the woman tells him they can get a better view of it from above if they go on the ferris wheel. While riding it, Iruma thanks the woman for helping him, saying her help pulled him out of his state of worry and made him glad he came to Walter Park. She rubs his head and says that is good he feels that way.

Eventually, Iruma ends up reuniting with his group. Sabro notices he looks dizzy and he says he was riding the ferris wheel. They question what he means and he explains a nice woman helped him. He tries to introduce her to the group, but when he turns around he sees she has disappeared, leaving everyone wondering if he just imagined her.

The woman, whose name is Shiida, actually slipped away to return to her post as her superior reminds her to not leave her position even if they are backstage parties. She agrees, saying they are Walter Staffs while looking at the picture of her and Iruma.

Chapter 73

A demon named Imp Rocky is introduced. He was arrested for sneaking into someone's garden and stealing various rare herbs which he shoved into his mouth when caught, though he claims he was sick and it was bad timing. As punishment, he was sentenced to fifteen years in prison, and while he was ready for it, he never expected to be imprisoned at Wlavras Prison.

Wlavras Prison is built underneath Walter Park, and the park's staff also act as the prison's guards. The inmates are forced to work and provide magic that powers the park. The demons can hear the sounds of the people above and slowly get annoyed by it, and that becomes the fuel for the magical power they provide. Some inmates say there are some people who volunteered to be imprisoned, such as Ami Kirio, who is serving a two-year sentence. Rocky, who meets Kirio, says he is strange for actually wanting to be imprisoned, and Kirio says his heart feels at ease when he hears people laughing, though he ends up coughing up blood due to his condition. The guards notice this and he gets dragged to the sick bay by another prisoner called Bats, with Rocky getting caught up too.

To his horror though, the two weren't brought to the sick bay at all, but rather were brought to a room for demons going through their Evil Cycle. Rocky panics that the two of them will get demolished by the inmates, but Bats surprisingly asks Kirio if he is okay. He turns to another inmate, Dododo, to comfort him, which he agrees to while the others watch. They demons invite Rocky to sit with them and reveal that they brought him here to talk to him about something, and that the guards are incapable of going in the room, so they can converse is secret. The demons reveal to Rocky that they all plan to escape Wlavras Prison.

When Rocky asks how they plan on doing this, they reveal that there is a group in Walter Park who is known as "the group that which have done every evil": Six Fingers. Rocky recognizes the name as the most famous group of demons who returned to their origins, citing various events they were involved with. Bats says their next target is Walter Park, even revealing that Kirio is the one who contacted them. Kirio says he isn't a member though. Kirio and Bats say to Rocky that he can help them with the Six Finger's Festival Plan, asking if he supplied his magic to the park. They reveal to him that they are secretly sending magical power to places Six Fingers has arranged, and while they don't know what they will do with it, they do know they plan to destroy Walter Park with it.

Rocky immediately decides to get on board with the plan and asks when the plan will be. To his surprise, they reveal the plan commences today, with Kirio saying this is "revenge to destroy", and it will be the day he changes laughter into despair, which is making him super excited.

Chapter 74

The other groups are informed of what happened to Iruma, with Ameri scolding him for being too relaxed while Lied asks if he is okay now. Iruma says he is, though he is now dressed as a monster and is participating in a play as a form of 'punishment'. One kid tries playing with Picero while Wett tries to get them to calm down, only to get struck by them. When the kid mentions 'Six Fingers', Iruma asks about them, and Alice reveals to Iruma that Six Fingers is a group of demons who have "returned to the originator", and have committed varous evil deeds as a result.

Picero says that the kids hit him on the face, and Lomiere takes of his mask to see the damage. To everyone's surprise though, Picero's eyes and face are insanely handsome and dazzling, causing Lomiere to jealously throw a bag over his head and claim it is overlapping with his own, despite the others saying otherwise. Wett mentions that Alice and Sabro look good themselves, but Lomiere says it is different from Picero's big beautiful eyes and long curly eyelashes. He drags Picero off to handle this new situation, much to his displeasure.

After they walk off, Wett asks Sicirue if he can look after everyone while he returns to Headquarters to deliver a report, which Sicirue agrees to. Wett returns and meets another staff member, who asks if looking after Lomiere is hard, which Wett agrees with. The employee says the other hires are very impressive, having learned the ropes rather quickly and becoming very popular while telling Wett he looks so ordinary. The employee tells Wett that the downstair' jail chiefs are all on vacation so there is a lot of work to do there, so they should just give it their all. He walks away while wishing Wett good luck, which he thanks him for.

As soon as he leaves though, Wett asks Shiida, who was hiding in the shadows, how the plans are going. Shiida reports they are going well and everyone is waiting for his orders. They go out onto a balcony and Wett radios in with the other staff. He announces that as of this moment, they are no longer Walter Staff, and to begin the attack as "Six Fingers". As it turns out, Wett and Shiida are the first and second fingers of the organization, with the third and fourth being Hyudarin and Miki, the staff who met Opera's group, and the fifth and sixth fingers are Atori and Maemaro, who were the staff that met Kalego's group. Atori says he was getting tired of waiting for Wett's orders, which Wett says is because he had to look over Lomiere, with Atori and Maemaro saying they got too close to the staff themselves. Miki and Hyudarin add they did their jobs properly and they found them quite interesting.

Wett announces it all ends today, and their concealment was all for this plan. By becoming staff of the park, they gained the layout of the whole place, and with the managers not present, there is no better time to put their plan into action. They announce that their plan is to release the prisoners of Wlavras Prison, and since they had so much fun being Walter Staff, they should destroy it all as he and the others all drop eggs in seperate locations that erupt in columns of magic.

Sicirue's group pick themselves out of the debris as Iruma and several others notice a giant dragon appearing in the park.

Chapter 75

A few minutes ago, while Sicirue's group was looking at various costumes, Picero purposefully falls off his cloud and onto the floor, where he tells the group that the ground is rumbling. He was able to figure this out with his Bloodline Magic, My Area, which allows him to manipulate the state of the ground. He explains that there are three concentrated points of magic in three spots in the park, comparing it to a mother bird incubating a nest to hatch an egg; ironic considering Six Fingers are hatching beasts from three different eggs.

The minute Wett dropped his though, Picero immediately creates a barrier to protect his group from the emergence of a huge beast that hatched from the egg: a Carmine Dragon. Sicirue says they need to evacuate first, which Walter Staff was trying to do too with the others. The group thank Picero for protecting everyone as Iruma asks about the other points he mentioned. As it turns out, Opera's group is attacked by a Panther Rat, and Kalego's group is attacked by a Mountain Bull.

At Kalego's group, the students try to figure out what they should do as they can't contact anyone and they can't find the exit. They ask Kalego what they should do in this situation, but Kalego says he hasn't had fun yet. He pulls out his notebook and says that Babylus teachers take action to prioritize student empowerment. Therefore, he will sit by and watch the four of them try to fight the bull together, saying there is no better opportunity to utilize their full power than right now. The four panic that he is joking, but Kalego announces they will enjoy their 'attraction battle' to their hearts content as he keeps them from fleeing.

Chapter 76

Being forced to fight the Mountain Bull by themselves, Jazz, Lied, Kamui, and Goemon confess that they have not learned any type of magic for combat since first years learn simple verbal spells focusing on transformation and illusions. The four of them start fleeing from the bull as Kamui pushes Lied away from a strike from the beast. He says that the beast is saying it is feeling bothered, having used his Bloodline Magic, Translation, to figure out what the beast was saying. He sees a rock falling towards him, but Goemon uses his Bloodline Magic, Wind Blade, to destroy it.

Jazz thinks that Goemon's Bloodline Magic is the only type of offense the four of them have, since Lied's 'Controller' lets him steal senses and his own, 'Pit', lets him steal things. Because of this, he doesn't understand why the four of them are being forced to fight something when only one among them can actually damage the beast. Nevertheless, Jazz asks Lied if he can use his 'Controller' to take the beasts sight, which he does. Jazz then tells Kamui to get the beast's attention while he and Goemon unleash a blast of fire and wind at the bull, and while it hits, it just upsets the beast even more.

The four of them dodge another attack as they plead to Kalego to help them. He asks why they are leaning on him so soon, and they say he is their teacher so he needs to look after them. Kalego says that this is a lesson for them all, and if they want to be strong, they need to take advantage of everything they have learned to win this fight; they four of them call that 'lazy advice'. The four of them yell that adults can never be relied upon as they charge back into the fray.

Back with Opera's group, Opera blocks the rat's claw and flings it away. He tells Ameri to take everyone and evacuate while they stay behind to protect everyone, causing Elizabetta, Kerori, and Clara to admire how dependable they are. As the four of them flee, Opera dodges another attack by the rat and says to it it doesn't know how to read the room as they kick it in the face. Opera wonders if they did any damage at all before they decide to get a little more serious.

They are caught off guard though, when they notice they became surrounded by the beast's tails. Before they could stab them, Ameri comes back and kicks them away, saving Opera. Ameri tells Opera that everyone has evacuated, and as the Student Council President, she can't just ignore a moment of crisis. Opera tells Ameri having her is reassuring to them, asking her to deal with the beast's tails. Ameri says she won't do anything careless just as the both of them notice Clara holding onto one of the tails, leaving them both dumbfounded.

Chapter 77

Back with Sicirue's group, the Walter Staff yell to everyone to stay away from the buildings in case they collapse while offering to guide them to places where they can fly away safely. Sicirue's group notice they can't contact anyone while Iruma overhears some people saying this attack must have been planned, which would make this a terrorist attack. Iruma asks Sicirue what they were talking about and Sicirue says the beasts were summoned, most likely by several people. He notices Iruma clutching his chest with a panicked expression.

Iruma then hears a child calling for help. The others ask if there are others and the kid says the ones he was with were left behind in the hall and the way out is blocked with debris. Iruma tells Sicirue they need to help the kids, but he tells him it is impossible. A stunned Iruma looks at the other demons being unwilling to go and help out of fear of their own safety. Sicirue says that is how demons work; having no concern towards others not related to them. Iruma hears some staff members talking about giving up helping the kids because there aren't enough people, causing Iruma to yell at them for not wanting to help someone right in front of them. All he gets though is a confused expression and gets pushed back.

Iruma starts clenching his chest in pain from what he was experiencing as Alice asks him if he is okay. He looks at a picture of his friends on his phone while looking at the wreckage, and he realizes that he is sick of what he is seeing. He rushes off towards the rubble as the other civilians tell him he will get crushed, but he managed to dodge the falling debris and save the kid, leaving everyone shocked. He asks the kid if the others are still inside which he confirms.

Before he runs back in, Sicirue calls to him, and Iruma yells back that he has had so much fun at Walter Park, from the snacks to the rides to meeting Shiida who helped him, and he was very happy being able to play with everyone. But now he feels irritated because everything was falling apart. He declares he will strike back at this terrible situation and goes back to help the other children. The other people question his decision as the notice Sabro and Alice talk about how they can't forgive themselves for not understanding Iruma's feelings. The four of them (and a reluctant Lomiere) end up joining Iruma.

Down in Wlavras Prison, Six Fingers have infiltrated and defeated the guards. They demand to know what they are doing, and Wett says they are rescuing the prisoner.

Chapter 78

As a result of Six Finger's attack on Walter Park, the prison guards of Wlavras Prison are trying to get control of the situation while also dealing with Six Fingers themselves, as they have taken over the second level security room and disabled the locks of the prison cells, allowing the prisoners to run freely.

At the fourth level, the demons in the room that were going through their Evil Cycle start making their way to the exit, even thinking about joining Six Fingers themselves. A nervous Rocky asks if they are going upstairs, worried about meeting Deputy Warden Triton, the strongest and most fearful of the guards. He is also known as 'Handshake Triton' because he is the first person everyone meets when they go to Wlavras and he uses his Bloodline Magic to crush their wrists and legs. He then has shackles placed on the crushed areas so they remember him everytime they look at their wrists. Bats admits Triton may be a problem for Six Fingers and wonders if a fierce battle is occuring.

Surprisingly, it is Triton who gets his own hands crushed by Hyudarin. Triton wonders how his 'Handshake' was completely ineffective against the small demon as Hyudarin tells him that this is the difference in their strengths; their 'sizes', and he should understand his own like he does. Atori praises Hyudarin for his strength while Wett reports that they have finished conquering level 2. Atori wonders how their beasts are doing above and if they are destroying the place properly. Wett says they must be since they have their magic flowing through them, while also adding that if some is trying to defeat the beasts, they must be some kind of hero.

Up top, Kamui, Lied, and Goemon are pushing Jazz forward so he can deal with the Mountain Bull, much to his annoyance. He nearly misses a strike from the beast as the four of them take cover again. Jazz angrily asks why he was pushed in the front and they others say he is their leader, being Rank 3 compared to the others. They continue to beg him for his help as Jazz tells them to knock it off.

As they continue, Jazz thinks back to his family, particularly his older brother. He says that in his family, they are all about ability, and if you got robbed, you were the bad one. Because of that, his older brother always stole from him, get wasted, and sleep with woman while also trespassing Jazz's territory, which leaves him furious. The only reason he can't say anything is because he is much more talented, but that doesn't stop him from being pissed with him. He says that this is the reason that if he had a younger sibling, he would be nice to them. As a result, the constant begging of Lied, Kamui, and Goemon has actually made Jazz really happy, because he wants to support their feelings of hope.

Jazz finally agrees to come up with a plan as he watches the beast rampage and wonders what its objective is. While thinking, Kalego asks Jazz about the thing around his neck. Jazz picks it up and comes to the realization that it may help them win.

Chapter 79

Demon World news reports about the situation occurring at Walter Park, and just as they report that the Demon World Security Bureau was being dispatched, they notice something occurring with the Mountain Bull.

As it turns out, Kamui was controlling a flock of birds with his Bloodline Magic, since there was an aviary nearby. He says that if they were the same species, he could command them faster, but his magic won’t last for very long, so he wants the other three to hurry up with their plan. Jazz, Lied, and Goemon ride up to the face of the Mountain Bull and Lied uses his Bloodline Magic to steal the bull’s sense of hearing. He does coil in pain from it because the giant beast’s sense of hearing is extremely sensitive, but as a gambler, he felt like taking a risk on Jazz’s plan actually succeeding.

The bull attempts to swing its tail at the group, but Goemon redirects the attack with his wind sword as per Jazz’s suggestion. As a result of this distraction, Jazz was able to get to his destination: the ear. He pulls out the thing around his neck, which is revealed to be called the ‘Ear Blast Flute’, or the ‘Flute of Shame’. He remembered what his brother told him about the flute, and how he is supposed to use it in case he thinks he will get caught, in which case it will emit a powerful soundwave hitting everyone except himself; the more magic supplied, the more painful the sound. Though the fact that if he has to blow it after failing to steal anything is where it gets its name as the ‘Flute of Shame’. Jazz, however, doesn’t see it that way, especially not now.

Lied yells that he will return the beast’s hearing, and from the moment it regains it from complete silence, he blows the flute at the highest volume, causing the Mountain Bull to collapse from the pain. After it falls, the four see it lying motionless and celebrate that they managed to beat the beast. Just as they were about to give each other a victory high-ten, the Mountain Bull got back up and punched the group, though it was blocked by Kalego. Kalego tells the terrified students that they instantly dropped their guard after their plan barely worked, and awards Jazz 40 points, Kamui and Lied 30 points, and Goemon 35 points for their overall performance. He says the points are right about the passing mark in his mind though, and he uses his familiar to finish the beast, leaving the four students in awe.

Kalego sits down and says that fight was fun, and offers to take a picture with it and the four of them for their contest.

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