What I Want More Than Anything is the eighteenth episode in the anime series Mairimashita! Iruma-kun.


Kirio reveals his intentions to Iruma and when Iruma asks why, Kirio begins to tell Iruma of when he was born. His family is renowned for an abundance of magical power, so when he was born, there was extreme disappointment. He was shunned and rejected by even his own mother. He was sent to the Garden of Delinquents, a correctional school. He was abused and humiliated daily. He did have one friend that would speak to him. His friend had a charm that was very special to her, and when their bullies tossed it into flowing water, Kirio tried to save it with his magic. He nearly did for a moment, but lost focus and the charm dropped into the water. When turning back to see the despair on his friend's face and being the one to cause it, he has become hooked on eliciting despair and hopelessness on others ever since.

Kirio met Baal after learning of the magical apparatus group from his first year battler. When Kirio shared his love for cruelty with Baal, Baal reassured him that he is merely a true demon and many today lack that innate trait. Baal then took Kirio under his wing and tasked him with eliminating the foundation of order in Babyls.

Kirio then goes onto say that he invited Iruma to watch the fireworks with him so he can watch Iruma's face fall into despair as those he cares about most dies. However, Iruma is unable to feel despair, used to it in his life. He truly is Kirio's natural enemy. Iruma then uses his feeder ring to launch the fireworks into the sky by hand, busting through Kirio's barrier.

Knowing how to accept defeat, Kirio saves Iruma from plummeting to the ground with a barrier.



  • Iruma utilizes the Pandoroola setting on the Gluttoness Feeder Ring for the first time.



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