Yumeko Culus was a friend of Ami Kirio at a school called the Garden of Delinquents.


Yumeko has light blue hair and light purple eyes. She wears a white shirt with a blue bow, blue shirt, and white long socks. She also wears her good luck charm on her left ear.


Yumeko was a happy girl. Unlike most of the students at the Garden, she was very kind to Kirio and enjoyed spending time and hanging around with him. Unfortunately, she fell into despair when Kirio attempted to catch her good luck charm, letting his guard down when one bully threw it into the river.


Yumeko met Kirio at the Garden after when his family took him there to be monitored and nurtured. They both enjoyed hanging out together until three bullies took her good luck charm and attempt to throw it in the river. Kirio manages to catch it with his barrier but ended up letting his guard down thus her good luck charm was lost forever. Yumeko fell into despair and left the Garden.



Ami Kirio - She was once friends with Kirio.


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